Seventeen Year old CEO: This Kid Is A Genius


Do you remember what you were possibly capable of doing at the age of five? Probably break toys, play with mud, eat and sleep after finishing the terrible task of memorising kindergarten rhymes. Now that is what a typical five year old does.

But not Jefferson Prince. This kid could assemble computers at the age of five. By six he had learnt basic coding and could play Prince of Persia and Age of Empires like a professional. At twelve he created a social medium to interact with his mother while still sitting in the room playing video games and pinging her on her laptop. After few months, the techie created an internet relay chat to connect with his friends. At the age of fifteen, he created a software for parents to track their children’s performance at school.

And now the seventeen year old is the Chief Executive Officer of iCasual Entertainment, a company started by him in June last year. He set up the office in a small room which he has now shifted to a four storey building in Kodambakkam in Chennai. In his well lit office he has four large computer screens and wall mounted television along with other gadgets.

Born in Tirunelveli, he moved to London at the age of three where his father worked with computers. During his teens he did small jobs for money and one day playing video game with his friends, he realised that he could do a lot with the computer games. So decided to create a game for himself with the help of some other members who later formed the core team of the company. The game was scrapped for not having the desired standard but the kid started his own company in the United Kingdom and later moved to Chennai to set up the main division.

All his employees are older and much more experienced than him and surely being a boss might have been quiet challenging for the seventeen year old but he has now learned to manage things with confidence.

Prince wants to go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and fund his education while still managing the business. By 2015 he has promised himself a Lamborghini Aventador and has plans to run an NGO for the underprivileged.

Now, that is quite a lot of brains, ambition, and dedication for a seventeen year old to have. He may even be next Steve Jobs or Mark Zukerberg.

Way to go Prince!

Ratanpriya Sharma

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