Sex Education and the Media

Now I know that in America, sex education is shied away from. Most schools here preach abstinence only and still we have many teens and young adults turn up pregnant. From research that I have done on sex education in India it is the same. Sex is a taboo subject but it is something that all will have to deal with at one point in their life. And here in America it is all over the media and I would guess that any shows that are aired in India that are American are the same that are aired in India.

I recently saw an episode of the hit television show Glee that dealt with sex education in schools. The sad thing is although they went over the top on how clueless some of the teens were about sex there are some really clueless teens out there that don’t know all that they need to know about sex. No one wants and STI and no girl wants to get pregnant before she is ready, you see this all the time in reality television shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

Sex is all over the media yet we are not to truly learn about how to be safe and what is out there. If your parents won’t tell you, you have to find that information on your own and while it is possible it can still create more questions. Society is in denial about sex education. Parents want to be parents but then don’t do what they need to do to educate their children on the more taboo matters of life, and then the government feels the same way saying it is the parents responsibility and that it has no place in schools or in a public forum at all.  But all that this back and forth finger pointing does is still not educate and just continues the cycle of unaware teens on what can happen when they make adult decisions without having all the knowledge needed to do so.

Megan Hubby

She is a college student and writer. She has been writing for many years and it is a great passion of hers. She goes to school for business while working as a nanny to support herself. Other hobbies include photography and soccer. She also likes to swim and run. She has two brothers, the older of which is in the US Air Force.

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