Sex Stimulus Needed!

You may have never guessed it, but it’s true: In these recessionary times, even the brothels around the world are facing the heat. Sex tourism, widely considered a “recession proof” industry, has been affected by the recession. For the uninitiated, sex tourism accounts for billions and billions of dollars annually, and if you include the sex industry, this figure rises sharply. However, it is difficult to give the exact number, as most of the activity is illegal or underground, but where sex tourism is legal, the numbers are mind boggling! (Take the case of Thailand, where Sex tourism generates US$ 4.3 billion annually!!!!)

Everyone believed that come what may, man will never (and to some extent women too) stop spending when it comes to buying sexual pleasure, and as long as there is poverty and unemployment, sex will be available at a low rate. However, the main centers of sex tourism are facing uncertain future. Countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Thailand, Israel, Mexico, Croatia, etc are witnessing a major decline in revenue coming from sex tourism & regular brothels. What’s the cause, one still wonders.

The reason lies in that fact that people tend to spend much money on sex when they have large disposal incomes but now with recession hitting the world, the scenario has changed. Also, the main revenue generators were not middle class men and women, but the rich people who had loads of money to just throw anywhere they wanted to. The present day recession has hit the rich more than it has hit the poor, and therefore the revenues are down.

There are some very interesting cases where there has been a decline even where sex is free, well almost! Prague, said to be the international capital of sex tourism, has different rules. The rules say that a man can have sex for free, so long that he agrees to be filmed and then broadcasted over the internet! During 2008-09, people signing up for this service have declined (We can only guess many people are being exposed!)

Brothels all over the world are offering freebies and discounts. Take for example “Yes Sir” in Hanover, Germany, which has started a new deal wherein you pay $111 and have as much sex as you can have in one hour.

There are others who are offering a free upgrade and giving out freebies like coats, umbrellas, etc. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and here too exist a few, thanks to valuation reasons. Ukraine, whose currency has fallen by about 35% has emerged as a favourate destination for sex tourists as it has become very cheap when compared to the rest of the European countries! This has lead to an increase in revenue by almost 100%. This proves that men will spend on sex even during the in tough times, but they will not splurge as lavishly as they used too!

Overall, the sex industries have been hit hard and this has lead to job losses within the industry about which nothing is being done. Someone needs to listen to them too, and give them a stimulus package too!

Zain Inhovi

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