Shahid Weds Mira, Making Scores Of Women Bleed Green!


The drool worthy bachelor of Bollywood has finally been hitched. Shahid Kapoor hasn’t created much buzz in the media for a long time, but his wedding news has definitely taken the media by storm. Mira Rajput, a Delhi based girl and a graduate in English literature from Lady Sri Ram College, is the one who made Shahid give up his “eligible bachelor tag”.

After seeing this man suffering through several heartbreaks in the past, it makes us feel giddy with happiness to see him finally getting the girl of his dreams.

Shahid’s wedding on one hand made his fans happy but on the other has made his female fans gone bonkers over the news.

Here’s what the Twitterati has to say about Shahid Kapoor’s wedding:


Well, this person definitely seems to be bothered just with the picture quality.

So, Shahid make sure you share your feelings with this guy because he can, definitely, feel you.

This lady’s attention is, clearly, not on you Dulhe Raaja (groom), she’s too busy checking the other girls out.

Don’t you dare cheat on Mira, otherwise this man will, definitely, shred you into pieces, Shahid.

The match fixing shock was tad bit too much to bear for this guy.  

Talks such as “Actors should keep popping in to offer placements in Delhi University”, have been doing the rounds, lately! (cough, cough!)

Just to brush up your knowledge sir, Kareena dumped Shahid!  

Love doesn’t really care about how old you are, y’know.

Ouch, now that hurts!

Childhood love meets its dead end for this 13-year-old!  (Sob-sob!)  

So, Shahid, seems like your Vivah days are still a hit for some of your fans.

Not sure what this guy’s problem is, Shahid’s beard or the 13year age gap between the partners!  

The Twitterati that always manages to spice up any controversy or news has proved its might once again by dancing to the wedding bells of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. We wish this newly-wed couple an insanely happy married life.


Aishwarya Anand  

Image Source: The Viewspaper