Shaken But Not Stirred

It just takes a nanosecond for a disaster to wash away the entire pool of happiness and metamorphose it into a dead flood of grief. Life terribly came to a halt for the people of Japan when the spooky earthquake measuring 8.9 on Richter scale followed by a Tsunami that shook up the country and changed the lives of people completely. The catastrophe of March 11, 2011 is too dreadful to be forgotten by anyone in the whole world.

I was wading through Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes a minute before I put on the television to catch up on the updates only to be stunned by the sights and scenes awfully heartbreaking. Cars resembled toys floating in the pool of debris of what were once the beautiful havens of safety and strength. Many were still stuck in their homes screaming and some were busy capturing the live images of the ongoing debacle. Nature did its part and went the whole hog proudly stating the fact that we human beings are nothing but puppets dancing to the tunes of it. And yet again nature smiles at our misery while we watch our own world fall apart.

And to top it off severe damage had been done to the nuclear power plants, thanks to Tsunami that certainly poses a threat to the people of the country triggering harmful radiations in its aftermath dangerous enough to increase the death toll which is said to be close to 14000 and lacs still unaccounted for.

Such devastating calamities have disrupted the lives of the hoi polloi since time immemorial which only goes on to emphasize that we human beings have, are and will remain helpless at the hands of it. But the question is, are we cut out for it? Can anyone guarantee the safety and security while such mishaps occur? Well, the answer to these questions certainly leaves one in a dizzy state for not only we are frightened to mull over anything like this but we as people, the believers of destiny and preachers of faith barely contemplate these kinds of hideous incidents in our little brains.

It’s noteworthy though Japan has gone through a fatal phase the victims taking refuge in shelters seem to have brave the storm with much audacity and patience. Now all they have to do is “wait”. Wait for the dark days to get over, wait for the dear ones lost in the destruction, wait for food and water , wait to rebuilt their heaven of peace again, wait to be born again. And others can just pray and be of real help to these calamity-stricken people by donating as much as they can and who knows your help might turn into a beautiful blessing by someone who needed the support desperately. So what are you waiting for friends? Go, reach out and extend your hand and make your each blessing count.

And some words for the innocent people of Japan

“Life will bloom again like a fragrant flower
Spreading its warmth and glow
Peace and love will show its power
For Japan will rise from the blow”

Maria Zafar

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