Shall We Dance?

One of the biggest hurdles one faces in life is how to stay fit and in good shape. Deep down, all of us want that envious hour-glass figure, or in the case of men, that perfect six-pack. However, the truth is, getting that perfect body and maintaining it is not an easy job. Dieting, spending hours in the gymnasium running on the tread-mill, lifting weights, bending and stretching your body at unimaginable angles, in short, pushing yourself way beyond your comfort-zone is not everybody’s cup of tea.

However, not everyone knows that the road to fitness can be fun as well. One need not always go the hard way, especially when you can just dance your way through it. And I mean, literally! Dancing is the one of the most effective and fun ways to shed those extra pounds. And the best part is, there is a wide variety to choose from, depending upon your body type, requirement and stamina.

Here are a few options to make your choice easier


This sensuous Latin-American style of dance has got the whole world grooving. It is fun, and the best part is, it makes you feel beautiful and at the same time keeps you well-toned. Salsa music has high tempo beats and is faster than most other forms of music. It involves a lot of leg, arm and waist movement, and thus makes for a full-body work out. In fact, a half an hour of rigorous salsa can burn between 200 to 400 calories, just as much as you burn while walking, swimming or riding a bike.  It also comes with extra health benefits like maintaining blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and a stable heart rate.


Ever wondered where the famous Latin diva Shakira got that fabulous body from? It’s belly-dancing. With its origin being the Middle-East, its exotic quality is its greatest attraction. Belly-dancing involves a lot of breathing and stretching and is a great work out for the legs, waist and hips. It is the best way to keep your stomach, thighs and bottom well-toned, at the same time improving your posture and flexibility.


This graceful, delicate dance can work wonders for your body. It involves a lot of stretching which is a great way to tone your muscles and improve your flexibility and posture. Another thing which not many people know is that ballet increases your resistance to pain. So you can be fit, tough, yet elegant at the same time!


No, it is no longer confined to strip clubs. Pole-dancing is the new hip and cool way to be fit. With all the bending and stretching, it is a great exercise for your upper body and at the same time makes you much more flexible.

So gone are the days when you had to get into those boring old track suits n push yourself onto that treadmill. All you need to do is put on those dancing shoes, your favorite music and dance away to that perfect body you always pined for. Exercising cannot be more fun than this!

Neehar Mishra