Sham Games

Just when India had the honor and opportunity to host the Common Wealth Games for the year 2010, it has yet again found itself dragged into a murky muddle of controversy and corruption. The Common Wealth Games, Oct 3rd -14th is the jumbo event to be held in India after the 1982 Asian Games.

For some reason, off late, the word ‘corruption’ has been intimately associated with most matters concerning this subcontinent.

What Happened?

It all began when the British Government began to raise questions about a money transaction between the Games Organizing Committee and a discreet UK firm.

The firm called AM Films Company was said to be receiving a monthly defrayal of £ 25000 over and above a lump sum of 4.5 lakh pounds, which was transferred through a British Bank, as reported by television channels worldwide. This bargain came to light when the Organizing Committee demanded a £ 14,000 VAT refund for payments made to AM Films.

Suspicion sparked when it was discovered that there was no evidence of paper work regarding the correspondence between the Committee and the company. The British authorities are still trying to find out how AM Films, who provide car hire services was involved in supplying video equipment, for a sum of nearly 2.5 lakh pounds.

The graveness of matters increased when the Indian High Commission notified the Sports Ministry, whose officials are in a soup at the moment.

As expected, the Organizing Committee headed by Suresh Kalmadi denied the allegations and stated that all transactions have been official and transparent. A distraught and media raped Kalmadi threatened to sue a news channel on grounds of defamation. The blame game is still on.

Consequently, lurid details of pending construction and delayed preparations for the games due to be held in October surfaced, and the Central Vigilance Committee butted in, reviewing documents, project tenders, and revealing procedural violations as well as corruption in 16 construction projects !

Poor management of sites, compromise in quality and delays are just few of the issues surrounding the CWG preparations, the latest one being about shipping in buxom beauties from Moscow and Uzbek for carnal pleasure enriching the sex industry.

What’s Next?

It simply seems like India is the recipient of some rancor against these games to be held on her soil, topped by an eccentric media. We have Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and the likes screaming away about what’s hot and what’s not in the CWG!

Though the popularity of the games among the common folk has diminished to a degree, why not just stop hamming up the scandals and focus on the organization of the games to make the event a success and a matter of pride for India?

In a country where corruption rules the layman’s daily routine, the CWG scandal should come as no surprise. Even if half the reports were true, the scam was still inevitable. India probably should have thought better than to compete with China’s capability and management of the 2008 Olympics at Beijing. If we can’t eliminate degeneracy at the grass root level, isn’t it wishful thinking to expect a non-corrosive environment while organizing a sporting event as prestigious as this one?

Either ways, let us wait and watch with crossed fingers this coming October, the end result of all this hype.

Reshma Raju

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