Shared Memory: 7 Biggest Moments Of 2014


• Resignation of hope: Arvind kejriwal left the entire nation bewildered when he quit his seat as the Chief Minister of the capital over the Jan Lokpal Bill, leaving Delhi under the President’s rule.

• The Modi wave: The wave which annihilated congress from power. Chants of “Abki Baar Modi Sarkar” (Modi government this time) were heard in every nook and corner of the country. The Bharatiya Janata Party managed to emerge as a single majority party and led to the rise of Modi.


• Mangalyaan took off: In an effort that created history, India became the first country to send it’s spacecraft to Mars in its very first attempt and on a budget lower than even many of Hollywood films.


• Kailash satyarthi became a Nobel laureate: The hard-working child rights activist who has been awarded several prestigious international honours in the past received the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 along with Malala Yosufia of Pakistan.


• An Indian Politician stirred the world with his aura: The 15th Prime Minister of India went on a tour to the United States of America, Australia, Nepal, Bhutan and Brazil. His enthralling speech at Madison Square Garden in New York City made the world aware of the potential that India carries for the future.


• Telagana was formed: In June 2014, the 29th state of India was formed after separation from Andhra Pradesh; Hyderabad was established a shared a capital of the newly formed state and Andhra Pradesh.
• Mumbai got its first metro line: After a long wait of eight years, Mumbai’s first metro line started its run between Versova, Andheri and Ghatkopar.

As we bid a farewell to this successful year, here’s to a grand 2015 filled with greater shared successes!

Aditi Mishra

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