Shashank Sampathy Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister


The Honorable Prime Minister,

South Block, Raisina Hill,

New Delhi,

India – 110011.

Subject: In-Effective Educational System.

Honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

The motive behind writing this letter to you is to highlight the in-effective educational system of our country. A literate can never be knowledgeable unless good education is imparted to him, I have highlighted the above point considering the fact that majority of individuals who graduate from various institutions in our country are unemployable which proves the inefficiency in our educational system.

We have prestigious institutions and universities like IIT’s, IIM’s, ISB, DU to name a few who impart excellent education but majority of students study in private run institutions where its main aim is to earn money instead of bestowing education. Exempting a few, most of these institutions openly flout norms by having no proper infrastructure, management and most importantly under qualified and inexperienced faculty to run the institution. Inspections from concerned authorities take place regularly but it won’t help in improving the situation nor the quality of education imparted to students. The various councils and universities who have the power to discipline or derecognize these errant institutions are deaf, mute and blind towards the problems being faced by the students.

The main culprit behind the system being inefficient is the nexus between concerned authorities in councils and universities and managements of the errant institutions. They are hand in glove with each other and institutions are not punished and get away easily by lending low quality education.

Hence Sir, due to the above drawbacks in the system as you know very well we have a literate but less knowledgeable educated youth in our country which is a grave problem griping our great nation right now and by not addressing it properly we are having a disastrous impact.

Sir, you have the knowledge and power to curb this menace by making the system efficient which imparts high quality education and produces knowledgeable individuals. Hence I would like you to consider my request by making these errant institutions fall in line and provide quality education which would result in bright future for this nation’s young citizens.   

“Sare jahan se acha Hindustan hamara. Jai Hind!”

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Shashank Sampathy

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.