She was only standing there for a few seconds…

The evening was balmy and sallow as he sat in downright gloom in a window alcove watching the yellow ball evade into nothingness.  The prevailing silence in his room disclosed an air of desolation and dejection. It seemed as if he waited for someone in utter desperation just like the beautiful candelabras wait for the candles to be lightened up, just like an empty photo frame waits for a picture, just like one anxiously waits for a new dawn after every murky night. It was enthralling yet bizarre.

The forlorn thoughts preoccupied him and engulfed his mind in a way that even a door bell couldn’t break his train of thoughts. He was in a world away from here. A world that was more impressive and utopian than the one which was the sole reason for his displeasure. The bell rung again and this time it really shook him up. Before he could contemplate anything, he hastily left the room and made his way toward the unopened door.

It was a small condominium and it just took him two seconds to finally reach the door. To his utter surprise, he saw a beautiful young lady as he unfastened the door. He was dumbstruck by her resplendent eyes and the smile that she carried was more like a lambent lamp shining uprightly shunning the dark and gloom.

She hawked her throat just to shift his attention but his unfaltering glance made her more uneasy and jumpy. But before she could say anything further he somehow managed to greet her. She replied back with the same soft million-dollar smile. It was as if the two lovers were meeting after a rough patch in their relationship only to reignite the flame of love lost once. Certainly, it wasn’t love at first sight but something much stronger and quite unusual that both felt for each other.

Any how, in a little perky yet subtle tone he said, “May I help you”. Pat came the reply, “Yes, I am looking for Mr. Lombardo. Does he live here?”

He was kind enough to let her know that Mr. Lombardo was his immediate neighbor. So happy to know about her estranged husband, she heartily thanked him and bid him goodbye with a gentle smile once again. The door was left ajar as he walked in. And minutes later he found himself smiling at the thought of the young girl with the most amazing smile standing there for a few seconds like an angel sent to distract him and his train of thoughts.

Maria Zafar

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