Shine On

With a spring in your feet,
And hope in your heart,
You began the journey,
You made a start.
Challenges were stimulating,
Weather was fine,
You felt guided,
By the power divine.


Every dream was possible,
Every day, an eternity,
If you toil with all your might,
Success seemed a certainty.


And try you did,
But the fruits bore not,
For a long, long time,
And then solace you sought.


Time ticked away, oblivious
Spring made way for the fall,
Doubts sneaked in and you thought,
Maybe it was never your call.


The winter is callous,
The breeze, hostile
The road seems rough,
The efforts, futile.


But don’t give up now,
For you have been so gallant,
It’s just a matter of time,
And you will emerge jubilant.


Time will pass,
That is all it can ever do,
And after this crude winter,
A warm summer will come too.


Birds will sing,
And the flowers will bloom,
The sun will shine,
And conquer all the gloom.


The victory will be yours,
Fates, in your dominion,
Let not your spirits wane,
Shine on, crazy diamond, shine on.


Mugdha Kudtarkar