Shiva Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

India is facing several constraints for sure, be it economic situation, political lock, power crisis etc. The scams and the corrupt use CBI to target opponents has become too obvious. The government should do some things to set things right. It should show some progress on multiple fronts. It should do some thing unselfish and purely for the progress of the nation if it wants to really develop the country. These are certain ideas I want to share with you.

1) Foreign Policy: I feel this is the first important step needed to be taken at this point of time. Firstly I appreciate the friendly relations India developed with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar. India should sort out its differences with the neighboring countries or at least form peace treaties as war or disturbance in security could be a major hindrance to the economic plan being proposed. India should continue to be in a “Friend for all” zone. It should not take sides with US against China.

a) We need to develop strong economic ties with Pakistan. We need to show them that we don’t plan to attack their country.

b) We need to get all the technology and naval support we could get from Japan.

c) We need to develop friendly relations with Russia, US, England, Germany etc by exchanging military technology but care should be taken that China shouldn’t become restless.

d) China is in a process of rapid development like us and hence would try to avoid any wars.

e) India should be ready to help Nepal which is in the clutches of Maoists.

The crux of these measures is to ensure the safety of the country even if we drastically reduce the military spending.

2) Military Policy: We want to see that India can meet its own security needs. We don’t want India to become the largest importer of weapons ever again. Imports in key sectors like security is very unfortunate development .We want India to build a strong platform for manufacturing advanced defense and offense equipment .The technology also should be from India .I don’t understand what the DRDO scientists are doing with their time and money. Why should we import all sorts of helicopters, planes and technology if we have enough brain power?

a) Innovations in High end aeronautical technology and manufacture should be done. We should be more than capable of meeting our security demands.

b).Naval security tie ups between all feasible nations (especially Japan) should be developed at a rapid pace.

c) The manufacturing should not be on a large scale to limit the military budget.

d) Increase recruitment of engineers for future development of military equipment.

e) Vision of India on military front should be developed. But manufacturing should be limited till our OWN technology stands on par with the rest of the world.

The crux of these measures is to ensure we produce our own weapons.We hold spending and manufacture till we are capable of inventing much better technology than that is existing with us currently.

3. Economic Policy: There should be a huge cut in the military spending and corresponding increase in the infrastructure spending. The present 30% GDP spending on Military hinders the progress that could be made in infrastructure, health, education, agriculture and other fields. Military spending should be reduced enough to support current military staff and large number of engineers should be recruited. Military spending should be cut to less than 10% of GDP as soon as possible.

a) Primary importance should be given to infrastructure. It should form a large part of the budget. The constructed structures should be most advanced and energy efficient.

b) The Petrol Prices should be deregulated. The tax on Gold imports should be increased substantially. But subsidies should be given to goods transporters to tame inflation.

c) The green tax should be collected from private vehicles across the country (same as is being done in Delhi). Even motorcycles should be included for the tax.

d) Agriculture should see a substantial change in method of farming. There should be an other Green Revolution.

e) Renewable Energy spending should be substantially increased. Stringent laws should be imposed on efficiency of equipment (like bulbs, motors) etc to ensure proper use of electricity.

f) The tax on liquor, cigar and gutka should be increased several fold to ensure that domestic consumption decreases. Tax on junk food should also be increased.

g) The expenditure on R&D should be increased substantially.

h) New colleges for higher education should be set up with research facilities among the best in the world. Research facilities in existing institutes should also be improved.

i) The spending on municipalities should be increased under strict surveillance to ensure judicious spending of the money.

j) The Infrastructure of existing hospitals should be increased.New hospitals should be opened.

The crux of this policy is to prevent us from poking into our own eye(liquor,cigar etc) and directing our finance on single minded goal of development.

4. Educational Policy: There are many engineering students from core electrical, civil, mechanical etc. but only the software industry is booming. Jobs for rest of the disciplines is very lean. Government should do whatever it takes to attract industries which provide jobs in these fields. Because of the lack of jobs in the specific fields, students are forced to opt for software jobs. The knowledge in these departments is wasted. The government is not using the engineering talent available in the country and importing security equipment from other countries. It is sign of complete misunderstanding of the situation.

a) Reservations as a political ploy should be stopped immediately.

b) More quality research facilities and colleges like IISC, CEERIs and IIMs should be setup and the research facilities focusing on Indian Industry Interests should be the best in the world.

c) The syllabus of all disciplines in all engineering colleges should be revamped and should have more industrial oriented focus. Why can’t we have discipline for Renewable energy?

d) Financial assistance based on caste should be replaced with financial status of the family. The process should be simple, strict, judicial and transparent.

e) Educational inflation should be checked. The fee structure in all private schools should be checked and they should be taxed accordingly.

f) The infrastructure and syllabus of state run schools should be improved to include environment, Indian History and Present difficulties along with sanitation and Morals.

5.Agricultural Policy:

a) Organic farming should be strongly supported. It should be widely advertised and the farmers should be educated.

b) The innovative ideas from other farming nations (like Brazil in Sugarcane) should be taken and incorporated.

c) Second green revolution should take place soon. Farmers should be educated about the new seed varieties.

d) While constructing projects, care should be taken that they don’t harm the environment or the projects further down the river.

e) Stupid schemes like NREGS should be repealed immediately. The consequences of such schemes should be thoroughly analysed and kept in mind while framing future policies.

f) It should be ensured that some states do not eat into the water resources of the other states like Maharastra eating into that of Andhra Pradesh.

g) Essential infrastructure for storage of produce should be built. It may be through FDI or PPP model to reduce the wastage of produce.

h) Method of Agriculture should be made green by supplying farmers with efficient motors run by mini solar or wind structures.

i) Serious steps should be taken to speed up approvals for new company establishments (for even below 1000cr).

j) The labor laws should be relaxed to increase investment in manufacturing sectors.

6.Renewable Energy Policy: India has proved itself as a good market for Renewable energy. But we need to make our students get specialized to make the most of it .We need to increase our spending on R&D to invent efficient ways of using the technology.

a) The parabolic solar power panels which track the sun should be used instead of flat, stationary ones to generate electricity as their efficiency is higher.

2.The wind fans should detect the change in wind direction and turn so that maximum air strikes their blades etc are some ideas. We need to innovate new uses of renewable energy.

Like purifying water using solar energy etc. ­­The Energy efficient products like LED’s, Motors and high efficiency equipment should be the first priority as a watt of saving in use means 4 watts of generation. Government should invite the manufacturers of such equipment to open their manufacturing centers in India.

i) There should be an increased spending in R&D on renewable.

ii) Create drive for using energy efficient equipment by raising the power price and taxing inefficient devices.

iii) Promote policies to ensure off grid usage. There are numerous applications of renewable energy like solar cookers, power for house, power for agriculture, to purify water etc. Instead of generating at remote location at large scale and transmitting with losses, promote the policies that encourage individuals to install mini solar and wind equipment.

iv) Waste recycling must be made compulsory. Chemical, pharmaceutics and other industry waste should comply with strict laws of treatment before they are dumped outside.

v) The rural masses should be educated about climate change.

Other Policies:

1. The civil servants should be made more approachable through internet i.e. they need to have office email ID and should answer the questions of civilians. Eg. Collector office, MLA office and MP office should have standard email ID.

2. There should be a question corner designed for each district and the questions of the public should be answered by the intended public servants.

3. Electoral reforms should be implemented (like having NONE as an option) etc.

4. The civil servants should not own any property in press or TV channels or be able to interfere in the news in anyway. It should be punishable by law.

5. CBI should be made an independent body.

Yours sincerely,


Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.