Shooting Ear Protection

Shooting ear protection is a device for those enthusiasts, who just love to take their rifle out in the open and go hunting or just go practice their shooting skills. The sound which comes even from the smallest .22 caliber gun is dangerous enough for shooters and hunters to end up having temporary or permanent ear damage. Thus, shooting ear protection is a safety tool which blocks all these unwanted sounds and protects ones ears from the damage which might be caused by the heavy recoil sound from the gun.

Electronic hearing protection aids are the best equipments used to give protection to hunters and shooters. By wearing these shooting ear protection aids, the shooter can easily hear everything around, but the moment the gear detects some unwanted loud noise, it automatically clips off and blocks the sound. The technology used in the making of these shooting ear protection aids results in sound ranging from 19 decibels to 31 decibels to be heard either as a slight muffle, or no sound at all.

Shooting ear protection aids work on two main principles; peak clipping and compression ratio. In peak clipping, the moment the gear detects a high frequency wavelength, it automatically clips off the critical points from the wave and is heard as a mild muffle by the shooter. Compression ratio is almost the same thing but the difference being that when the sound is detected by the device, the sound is muffled or completely eliminated by removing several ‘bits’ from the sound wave.

There are other devices which can substitute shooting ear protection gears such as ear plugs, moldable ear plugs and ear muffs etc. But these devices won’t give the required protection required by your ears when it comes across such nerve racking ear damaging sounds.