Should Art Be Scrutinized For Cross-Border Terrorism?


If there is one thing that bonds one and all, without considering the presence of conflicts or heart-bred hatred that passes from one generation to another, it is art and the love for it. Art has never adhered to borders and is universal in its nature. Art doesn’t lie in one jurisdiction which can’t be devoured by various others.

If there is one thing that is pure in the world, it is art, the essence of all that is art, whether great or not.

Thus, in the wake of the latest Uri attack which is blamed on Pakistan after finding evidences pointing towards the terror country, many Indians, essentially people of MNS Party are threatening their way towards banning Pakistani actors. The extremist group is famous for its evident hatred towards cross-border talents, and have demanded the same many times before.

In the past, Pakistani artists have received threats from Indian extremists groups. Pakistani singer Ghullam Ali was forced to cancel his performance in Mumbai because of Shiv Sena. In 2015, Indian extremist party Shiv Sena had threatened Pakistani actors Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan from promoting their movies in Maharashtra.

The question sticks with the civilians of the country, as to whether the Pakistani artists should leave Bollywood and go back in the wake of the Uri attack.

Must we ban talent from cross-border in order to showcase our hatred and our incompatibility with the neighboring nation? Or is it one of our hyper-nationalist jingoist tactics to ensure safety of our country?

In a country, wherein we don’t punish the culprit for their apparent crimes (Salman Khan), how does banning of Fawad Khan help us? In a country wherein many innocents die at the hands of the army with the extensive use of pellet guns, does apologizing by Pakistani actors compensate for the acts committed by our very own governmental authorities?

The occurrence of Uri attack is regrettable and impacts every one of our citizens. The stance of boycotting Pakistan globally and the recent reveal of reviewing their MFN (Most Favored Nation) Status are the steps taken by our Indian government which psychologically impacts Pakistan, without the use of violence. The public rage demands violence and some attack, however, the stance by the government and their attack on Pakistani government with words and diplomacy surely seems like a nice shot.

However, are we ignoring the faults and the lack of seriousness that should be catered to places lying with the proximity of LOC? Are we using Pakistani actors to shy away from accepting the burden of India for actually being laxative in terms of security?

While the whole world is condemning the extremism of Islam which is pursued relentlessly by ISIS, why can’t we see the extremism in our so-called Hindu parties?

Also, our Indian government has always shied away from Bollywood industry, not catering to its problems of casting couch, or piracy, or the abuse of power by CBFC. Why is our Government now taking an active interest in the working of the Bollywood dynamics, when it has shunned its presence for decades?

For all I know, banning of Pakistani actors won’t stop the terror attack nor will it diffuse the tension. It’s a crying shame that artists who know no borders and go where their work and passion take them to are targeted this way.

It’s easy to scrutinize creativity, whether it’s in movies, or in writings or in paintings. The world may not know, but creativity takes courage. Creativity pans itself out beautifully on the canvas of the world, not catering to the hatred, or the attacks; it stretches itself out on the horizon of the world and at least for me, it goes way beyond the jurisdiction of borders.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper