Should Medical Degrees Be Up for Sale?

“Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare.”
~James Russell Lowell

I had to quote him here because that is what hit my mind first when I thought of this topic. It’s like this question has been haunting my head since I got into medicine!Most of the medical students are studying so either because their parents want them to run the hierarchy or to increase bridal prospects. Hardly 10% of total medical students in the country do it cause they’re passionate about it.

There was a time when this field like any other field was dominated by “Men”. But now its easy earning and quick life settlement, if you get into engineering and then an IT firm. Anyway, getting back to the point. People are NOT getting into medicine to do enough justice to it. That’s precisely the reason why “good” doctors aren’t passing out and why the patients relatives keep suing them. Who could imagine that a field like “medicine” could be joked upon? Or that those humans who were once placed next to god are being pelted on!

It’s been 4 years since I’m in this field and the stories don’t seem to startle me any longer. Initially, it used to amaze me as to how medical degrees are being bought! Well, not like paying for it and getting the MBBS degree literally. But yes, close. It’s like this monopoly where in people pay lakhs and soon will pay crores to get a seat in a medical college. So much so that even post grad. seats are booked while you’ve just entered the first year! Such scams keep coming up in the newspapers. Let me be very clear that I’m not pointing out to any medical institution or authority.

Yet again, is it fair? Is it fair on the other students who’ve gotten into the institution honestly? I’m not saying that ALL the students who get into medicine by paying do not deserve a seat. In some cases, it is like giving an opportunity to a deserving candidate, since there aren’t many seats and the student might have missed it since an older candidate was given the preference or the college alloted was 10485 miles away from his current location.

It is still justifiable there. But what about those who’re just into this because their parents want them to? What kind of doctors will these students make? They’ll pass their exams by cheating and bribing. There’ll be no strong foundation to clinical skills. We’re talking about dealing with people’s lives in future!! How can you possibly take a risk on that one?!

It is annoying to know that you’re studying with all your heart and devotion throughout the year and in some part of this country there’s another student playing on the ground. It doesn’t matter how much you score. Honestly!! What matters is what you have inside that brain of yours. They will not make as good doctors as you would. Karma knows its work, baby!

Till the time our Indian government doesn’t take a stand and come up with better regulations, this is all that you could pacify yourself with. Let’s hope the common man knows which doctor to visit!
P.S. We NEED to do something about this because it is outright unfair for the other medical students as well as the public.

Suranjana Basak