Showbiz Business: The Lucrative And Sexualized Use Of Women


Women- suddenly a lot of things seem to revolve around them. All the debates, the fight, the oh-my-god feminism, the fight for equality, equal pay- all of this is making the rounds. And from what I have observed, it is irritating people more than it should be creating some awareness. I know a couple of my friends, who would just ward off or make fun of me when I start speaking on such things, because who needs to hear things. Apparently, we all respect women, right?

Who knew that a voice we want to embed people with would soon be the voice that is highly ignored and ridiculed.

It’s no such secret that commodification of women is done in a great deal to garner the required, and obviously more, attention. The ads would show women running in their bras, with ample cleavage show and sexualized faces, to sell what, some deodorant or a soap. Of course, the fragrance and the lasting effect can go for a toss, a woman running in bra will surely give an impetus to the sales.

People know what sells, and we all know it too- it’s the women who are sold, for personal and/or professional need. Investing in photoshoots for women to be sensuous or lucrative, to investing in daughters for marriage, the concept is the same. Let’s do everything that garners most attention, let’s ridicule the essence and dignity of a women. Knowing the fact that such advertisements are by consent of models who are paid to do this, my main concern is the fact that it caters to the mindset of people. The mindset that speaks to their ideologies, and the mindset that still considers the need for women to be sexed-up to demand their attention.

What is the reason for such obsession that people have with sexualizing things or maybe just women? We shun it, don’t tell our kids about it, we don’t even watch it (as per others), but we are inherently obsessed over it. If such apt attention was given to something else, the world would be a better place to live in.

Recently, a sex scene from a coming-of-age movie titled Parched, was leaked online. Without a speck of doubt, we all know people just googled the video, and helped it attain a lot of views. The scene comprised of Radhika Apte and Adil Hussain, and the actor had some really progressive views on it. The video titled to be ‘Radhika Apte’s sex scene’, just showcases the misogyny and sexualization of women in general.

The actor shed light on why it can never be ‘Adil Hussain’s sex scene’, because when a man indulges in a sexual activity, it is deemed to be okay and natural, whereas a woman indulging in it definitely raises few eyebrows. As long as a woman does it, only then it becomes a sex scene, otherwise no one even attend to it.

I couldn’t agree more with the actor, who didn’t just thrash and ridicule one thought process, he managed to ridicule few things that hamper the growth of women and inhibit the respect that should be coming their way. Apart from over-sexualization of women, it also reeks of how people think that women don’t need sex or take pleasure from it.

The taboo attached to women and sex is so much that any actor indulging into it becomes a talk of the town. In our country while rape videos are available freely, sex is still considered taboo, and any occurrence of it for viewers, is nothing short of a breaking news.

Respect is all everyone should be given, barring gender, caste or creed. But asking for respect as women, is that too much to ask? Will we ever break the sexualized and lucrative, selling of a woman?

We might normalize anything in the world, but normalization towards a woman, is definitely a tad task.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper