Shree Ram Sharnam: A Heavenly Abode

In today’s world where everything is being commercialized, Shree Ram Sharnam is a temple that stands out for its spiritual teachings and true selfless service to mankind. It is a divine place where all are welcome, there is no idol worship, money offerings or other offerings in kind are not required. The only thing required is true devotion and an inclination to chant the maha mantra of ‘Ram Naam’.


The revered religious centre, which means ‘taking refuge in Ram’ was founded by Param Pujya Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj. The temple is a spiritualistic centre and imparts teachings to lead a disciplined and meaningful life forgetting all our fears and anxieties. The hallmark of the Satsang initiated and blessed by the venerable Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj, is in its complete simplicity, discipline and punctuality.


On July 7, 1925 the day of Vyas Purnima, Swamiji was blessed with the sounds and the inner vision of “Ram Naam”, and with the realization of his soul’s oneness with God. In 1928, he began initiating his followers with “Ram Naam”. He has also authored several books such as Bhakti Prakash, Valmiki’s Ramayana Sar, Sri Bhagwat Gita, Akadashopnishad Sangrah, Pravachan Piyush (Collection of Swami Ji’s Lectures), Prarthna Aur Uska Prabhav, Upasak Ka Anteric Jeevan, Bhakti Aur Bhakt Ke Lakshan, Sthitpragya Ke Lakshan, Bhajan Avam Dhavani Sangrah, and Amritvani. He has written all these books through inner guidance while in a state of Samadhi. Amritvani has become especially popular among the devotees due to its deep Spiritual Power.


Swamiji did not start a separate spiritual path. The goal of his teaching was to intensify devotion to God through concentration on “Ram Naam”. Swami Ji initiated Sadhna Satsangs for serious devotees to practice detachment, devotion, purity of body and mind, and healthy living habits. The first Sadhna Satsang was held in Haridwar, followed by many camps all over India. On November 13, 1960 while chanting “Ram Naam”, Swamiji gave up his physical body after transferring his Spiritual Powers to his dear disciple, Shree Prem Ji Maharaj, and designating him as the one to replace him.


Pujya Prem Ji Maharaj took upon his body the sufferings of others, and consequently suffered a great deal towards the end of his life. He expressed great strength of Soul and radiated an aura of spiritual power. He established Shree Ram Sharnam Ashram of Delhi, which is a popular center of spiritual learning. In addition, he established centers of spiritual study in several cities of India. Shree Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj became the Spiritual Successor of Param Pujya Prem Ji Maharaj, and because of a unique expression in him of spiritual and devotional qualities of both Shree Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj and Shree Prem Ji Maharaj, certain devotees lovingly call him “three-in-one”.


All the year round at specific dates, Sadhna Satsang or Spiritual Enhancement programs are held at various places. These programs are extended prayer schedules lasting from 3-10 days. The main aim is to renew and refresh bonds with the God. The spiritual gains and proximity to divinity that devotees experience during these satsangs, remain with them for their entire lifetime. Sadhna Satsang ensures that one lives a regulatory life, which is otherwise difficult to lead due to our disturbing surroundings. The present Maharaj Ji, Dr. Vishwamitterji has stressed upon the cardinal principle of ‘Samyam’ or self-control, as mandatory mechanism for spiritual endeavour.


There are prayer centers spread across the major cities and towns of India and the World. These centers are spread across cities in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttranchal. There are centers in New Delhi and Chandigarh as well. Internationally, prayer centers are located in Australia, USA and Singapore. The followers, known as sadhaks pray to add meaning to their lives. They are also taught to pray for others as the Lord listens to selfless prayers. Sadhaks experience inner calm, solace, proximity to God and a direction of purposeful life. Dissemination of spirituality and love in this manner is efficacious and wholesome for the Sadhaks and the society at large.


The Shree Ram Sharnam is a forum to achieve spiritual growth, orderliness and learning in life. It attempts to encourage its disciples to serve humankind selflessly and to attain spiritual enhancement while performing the daily routine activities. The main aim is absolute surrender to HIS Grace and repay back to humanity with good deeds.


Shikha Tandon


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