Shut Up and Vote

It starts with “wake up time…”
The ‘Jaago Re’ advertisements highlight the general indifference of the country’s youth towards politics and the importance of using their vote to elect a responsible government in furtherance of the country’s demands. The movement stands for social awakening, a drive to draw the youth of the country to vote. It is a nationwide movement that involves voter registration across 35 cities and incorporates technology with feasibility. The movement was started by Tata Tea, in association with Janagraha, a Bangalore based non- governmental organization.


The advertisement which calls the youth to not only to get up every morning but “wake up” has been a huge success with the youth. As many as 3.5 lakh voters have registered with the campaign.


All that the youth can do is complain about every thing around them. All they can say is that “The country is going to the dogs”, but when it comes to taking an initiative, they prefer to lie back and say “I don’t give a damn”. However, Tata Tea and ‘Jaago Re’ have now recognised the need to create awareness. What is commendable is that even though this is ultimately a means to increase their own profits, they have tried to address a socially and politically relevant issue. It has tried to achieve the impossible of getting people to vote. The advertisement ends with “agar aap sote rahenge to yeh desh kaise jaageg”. This highlights the potential of the youth to make a difference to the country.


The new addition to this campaign is their recent tie- up with a Bangalore Rock Band ‘Thermal and a Quarter’ who have come up with the single, Shut Up And Vote. The band will be performing in five cities across the country in order to spread more awareness among the youth. This tie-up between entertainment and awareness is sure to be a huge hit in getting voters to reach the polling booth on the day of the election, thus helping in the growth of democracy.


The success of the movement can also be attributed to the fact that it has done away with the problem of paperwork and the confusion of fulfilling numerous procedures before becoming eligible to vote.


However, it is too soon to say that the registration is an indication that more people will turn up to vote. There is a huge possibility that even after registering they might not turn up to vote. What the voters need to realize though is the fact that having a voter ID is not essential for them to vote. ‘Jaago Re’ clears such myths by answering all doubts on their website.


I personally think that the country can only improve if it has leaders who have the capacity to bring about a change. This is only possible if the youth raises a voice and plays a role in deciding who they want to be governed by. By asking the youth to wake up, the campaign has done its job. What I personally appreciate about the campaign is the fact that it has been able to get its message across to the youth without drawing a celebrity or flashy locations to propagate the cause of the country.


It clearly passes the message “Stop grumbling and start voting!”

Ridhi Kabra

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