Sibling Jealousy

SRKThe readers might find the heading a bit misleading because I intend to venture into an almost different domain, after starting very close to the personal arena, from that of the pertinent problem of ‘sibling jealousy’.

From what I remember, I had been a fairly liberal minded kid and had never felt a trace of jealousy towards my younger sister who was born eight years after me. But recently when I was talking to my parents, I got a completely different viewpoint. It appears that I did have my fits of jealousy, but it was very subtly tackled. That set me to thinking about the root cause of any such jealousy?

Well, I think that most people would agree with me, if I say that ‘comparison’ is the biggest factor. Comparison between two individuals becomes the root factor in such unhealthy situations of jealousy. The funniest part is that the charm of humanity is in variation. No two individuals are same. Even twins don’t have identical thumbprints. We are both physically and emotionally very different from each other, and that is our biggest defining factor. In such a case, the process of comparing each other becomes bizarre. It’s like pressurizing individuals to lose their individuality, and become a mere carbon copy of some one else. It not only results in unhealthy jealousy, but also dissipates the charm of variation.

From here I plunge into the media world- The buzz regarding the television show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” and its two hosts.

Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan. The two ‘kings’ of Bollywood belonging to two different eras. The entire speculation about Shahrukh doing the show was whether he would do justice to the show garnered by Amitabh? The criticisms lashed at Shahrukh, the appreciation meted out to Amitabh, and the gradual acceptance of Shahrukh. We have seen it all. But according to me, all this media hype is not just for creating a new piece of news but also pointing out the vices of comparison.

I do know that once something has been set sail, we get adapted to its form, and it becomes very difficult for anyone to accept a sudden change. However, doesn’t this limit our experiences?

We are again on the verge of not appreciating the charm of variation. These two actors are two different individuals. Their manner of presentation is entirely different. Like we can’t make an orange out of an apple, similarlty it is bizarre to expect them to be moulded into the likes of each other. The charm lies in their differences. From these differences arises newness. And newness always freshens the senses. So it would be absolutely ridiculous to expect ‘oneness’ from two different individuals. The entire significance of such shows get lost while we are busy criticizing it from the periphery.

The best part is to sit back, enjoy the break from monotony and relax. That’s the only way we can facilitate a ‘new creation’, and newness is the ultimate answer to all feeling of ‘nothingness’.

Arunima Chandha