Silence – The Weapon…??

This is the season of scams and the current flavor of the season is 2G scam which is rocking the nation world wide. Anna Hazare, a social activist who brought Right-To-Information, began Fast-unto-death movement to put pressure on the Government of India to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill drafted by the civil society members. A bill which has power to force all the politicians, cabinet ministers, corrupt officers and even the PM to lay down on their knees.

This movement was supported all across the nation and result was the defeat of Government and acceptance on forming a joint committee to draft an effective Lokpal Bill.

But…the tale does not end here… Congress lead Government had some other plans in their mind and it all started with a series of allegations against civil society members of the drafting committee. But when you go in deep, you will see that the Cabinet ministers of the Drafting committee too involved in various scams and corruptions.

Everyone…everyone from bottom to top is corrupted. P. Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee, Kapil Sibal all were considered as the most respected, loyal and honest politicians in Indian politics but they too are deepen in this mud. But what bothers me most is the silence of our dear and honorable Prime Minister!

Manmohan Singh – the Economist, The Chanakya of Indian politics, the most successful finance minister of all the time, the most respected and honest person, the whole and sole of the largest democracy of the world!!

Why is he quite?
Is he directly involved in this 2G scam?
Does he already have any idea about all the wrong doing?
Is he showing his loyalty towards Party President Sonia Gandhi?
Or he realized that he is just a puppet whose strings are controlled by someone else?

Well, whatever it may be but we, the people of India, need an answer Mr. Prime Minister! Silence is the best weapon in situations, no doubt, but at times, you have to speak, you have to use your real power as PM otherwise your silence would be mis-quoted and used against you.

Priya Sondawale