Sinfully Yours

To the dear departed, we sympathise. To those alive, we apologise. This is to commemorate the memory of those victims who lost their lives. We are glad it wasn’t us. We, till this date, have undertaken to burden ourselves with the grave responsibility of not to deliver. To ensure we live, to fulfill your death endeavour. It is worse than we thought, but nevertheless, it is the votes we seek not the statistics that are lost.

Show us a reason we should stand up and see a citizen not ours but one that roams free. We try hard to damage, as much as we can, so we can leave the race with ‘resigned’ success. Our ‘death’ feels guilty it wasn’t us. We fail to explain why we live, while hundreds perish.
To have or not to have is the security we seek, to make peace with un-social elements and let them be. Come join us in our sincere efforts, your deaths are at stake, while we forfeit ours. Our hearts bleed for our survival and what could not be.

We live off the people,
Be-for-e the people,
Against the people.

Sign your death warrants, and please do vote for us.

Sinfully Yours.

The Government.

(Sent by Charulata Somal)

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