Sinhagad: An attractive Picnic spot

Want to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city life? Want to de-stress and rejuvenate yourself?  Want to relish the alluring landscape and have a breath of fresh air? Want your heart to pump faster and have a little adventure?   Pack your bags and buckle up your shoes, for Sinhagad is the place you would love to be.

Historic Significance:

Sinhagad, in Pune, was one of the forts operated by Chattrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Martha Empire.  This fort was of a great prominence as it is on the top of a steep hill, about one-tenth the height of Mt. Everest and acted as a natural barricade and made it difficult for enemy to invade.  Earlier known as Kondana, it was renamed as Sinhagad (‘Sinhagad’ in Marathi means Lion and ‘ghad’ implies Fort) in the honour of Tanaji, a general in Shivaji’s reign, who fought bravely and lost his life in the battle of Sinhagad.

Present day Hallmark:

Sinhagad’s picturesque backdrop and proximity from Pune city makes it an attractive picnic spot for the young and the old who take pride in visiting this place.   It is not uncommon for Pune residents to visit it at the drop of a hat. Sinhaghad is also an ideal place for trekking.  The stretch of 6 Kms from foot of the hill to the fort amid bushes and boulders, thick greenery, huge mountains with pleasant breeze flowing by and clouds passing is by no means less than an adventure.  One can find trekkers zealously scaling up and down from the foot of the steep hill.  Sunday mornings appear more like an army of ants busily moving about in a search of the unknown. It takes at least 3 hours to move up and down the hill.  A loose fitting dress and sport shoes are advisable; carrying a water bottle is optional, however not carrying a camera may leave you with pangs of guilt for a long time.  This trek forms part of the curriculum of NDA for training its cadets.  Nevertheless, non-trekkers may skip the fun & frolic and reach Sinhagad via road which takes about 30 minutes from Sinhagad village.  Needless to say, it hardly takes one day for a trip to Sinhagad.

Why Sinhagad?

Sinhagad is a must see place for one who has an interest in Shivaji’s history. The lush greenery of Sahyadri Hills, the panoramic view of Khadakwasla lake and the serene climate is an awesome place for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts. The sight of young couples cuddling in each other’s warmth may bring back the memories of one’s “hey” days. For gourmands, Kanda Bhaji (Onion Pakoda) and Pitla Bhakri (Besin and Jowar roti),a Maharashtra cuisine, offers delicious food. However, there are several eateries made up of thatched huts which sell other food items such as yummy corncob, mouth-watering boiled peanuts, and of course – water and soft-drinks.

How to reach and the best time to Visit?

Sinhagad can be visited in all seasons, preferably during months of July-December.  It is 30 Kms away from Pune station and can be reached via road. Public transport is available and there are good number of private vehicles plying between Pune Station and Sinhagad.

Rahul Bhosekar