Slapping Womanhood

It has been a long and a struggle for us, women, to reach where we have reached today. In times of woman empowerment it is indeed sad and shameful to see some amoral, religiously biased political group of goons physically assault women, that to in public domain. The recent mayhem in Mangalore showed the face of woman exploitation at its very worst.


Shri Ram Sena, a self-proclaimed morality preaching, political group, based in Karnataka, physically abused a group of youngsters, mainly women, who were enjoying themselves at a local lounge bar. The incident took place at the evening of the eve of the 26th of January which marks the celebration of 60 years of the Indian Republic. It all unravelled when the Ram Sainiks broke into the lounge bar ‘Amnesia’ and attacked the youngsters; their crime: stepping out of the ‘doctrine of Morality’.


The full sham was caught on camera. At the eve of Republic Day it was a shocker to see how some corrupted politicians misuse the power we have entrusted upon them. Those poor girls at the lounge bar were attacked with a volley of tight slaps and painful hair-pulling. The sights at the venue left us cringing and thinking ‘Are we safe?’


This incident left the woman activist groups enraged and seeking answers as to who gave these people the right to outrage a woman’s modesty in public. “We will not tolerate this. If they have the right to police women this way…I have an even greater right to police them” said an agitated Minister Of Woman & Child Health, Mrs Renuka Chowdhury. A lot of television news channels termed this incident as ‘talibanisation’. When confronted about it, the founder of Shri Ram Sena ,Pramod Muthalik, frankly dismissed any eventuality of an apology. According to him, it was a noble cause of spreading morality but it was carried on in a wrong manner. This gentleman even went on to term this as a minor issue which was enlarged by the media. It seems to these people that we are blind.


So where do women go from here? Even a bagatelle of a move out of so-called evangel of morality will have us brutally beaten up in public! The percepts of political moral policing are getting unfair by the day. We talk of Talibanisation of Pakistan and just how ridiculous it is; but I guess it is high time we look into our own homeland where something quite similar to Talibanisation is growing and growing fast.


Woman Developement is a chaplet for India. This kind of exploitation not only insults womanhood but also subjects India to shame and hinders its path towards development. It is high time that we do away with these kinds of incidents for we want our country to be a better and a safer place where everyone lives in harmony and no one feels the need for any kind of brutality.

Suhasini Mitra

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