Sleep healthy, Live healthy

Sleep is perhaps the most essential activity of our daily body clock. Doctors recommend eight-and-a half hours of sleep daily. We have known this since our primary classes. We are all taught this in our biology lessons, but most of us do not follow it.


I.T professionals work for hours at a spree. Call centre employees have terrible night-shifts. Students slog out day and night to score soaring percentage. However, we cannot blame anyone for this. Today’s lifestyle is such that you cannot move ahead without a neat pay packet. Life demands us to be active at all times. People are ambitious and in the age of cut-throat competition, who will take any chances?


So, in order to maintain a comfortable life, young professionals are ready to push their bodies to any extent. Consequently, they pay an exorbitant amount with their physical and mental breakdowns. Sleep disorders, dark circles, mental tensions etc. seem to have become the norm of the day. Long working hours and night shifts leave less time for sufficient sleep, and proper sleep today is a luxury for most youngsters.


Of course, work is important. At times, we do have to compromise on our sleep to submit our pending assignments. But proper sleep is as indispensable as our job; otherwise the body will just give up.


In our packed schedule, we should do whatever little we can to enjoy a sound sleep. When you go to bed, be absolutely relaxed. Do not worry about anything; leave all your worries at your workplace itself. When those thoughts about that irksome boss trouble you, think of something that gives you pleasure and sleep will be there to enfold you in its arms.


Let your bedroom be secluded and devoid of any distractions. Don’t even let that idiot box share your room space.


Though it is tough, try having a proper schedule for sleep. Wake-up and sleep at regular timings. Don’t even look at the watch when you are sleeping. If you cannot sleep within fifteen to thirty minutes, leave the bedroom and go out for some time.


However, avoid taking stimulants such as sleeping pills. Many people take naps during the day and therefore fail to sleep at night. Avoid taking naps and let your body indulge in sleep only at night. A hot bath two or three hours before sleep induces it. You can even take milk before sleeping; it is rich in carbohydrates and so it facilitates sleep.


Youngsters today prefer lots of junk foods. They are a big no-no for a healthy sleep. Eat balanced meals at regular times. Keep your dinner very light. And nothing beats the clean, nutritious and safe ‘ghar ka khana’.


Exercise is also essential for a compact sleeping routine. You may not have the time to spend hours at the gym, but who can’t take a jog or a brisk walk for ten minutes a day?


These are just a few tips to help you catch up on that missed sleep. It is tough but learn to take care of yourself. Proper sleep pampers you. It is the most basic and the easiest therapy that we all can apply. A few days later, when you start waking up fresh and happy and get a glowing skin, just thank the daily rotation of sleep that you are following.


Sakshi Denis



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