Smartwatch: Moto 360 Price Accidentally Disclosed

With many cell phone and other gadget companies launching smartwatches, they are widely growing in popularity these days. Samsung’s launch of Samsung Gear was followed by other companies. LG came out with its G Watch. Apple Inc also announced the development of its very own smartwatch called the iWatch. Motorola, a company that saw a slow downfall with its branding in the past few years began to rise once again with the launch of its new smartphone, Moto G which now seems to be competing head on with these other brands. The company had announced that it would also be out with its very own smartwatch called the Moto 360 Smartwatch.

While the Moto 360 Smartwatch was announced to be released on September 4 this year, the price had not been announced just as yet. However, the online US-based commercial portal, Best Buy released the value of Motorola’s smartwatch with the price tag of $ 249.99. The smartwatch was to be launched in a press event in Chicago where the price would also be released.

No sooner had Best Buy divulged the price of the smartwatch on its website that it got removed from the portal. However, to the dismay of the company, by then the price of the watch had already gone viral all over the internet and the mainstream media. With many excitedly waiting for Apple’s iWatch, Moto 360 Smartwatch will only widen choices for consumers. Unlike, the G watch or the Samsung Gear, Moto360 Smartwatch looks very elegant and appealing.


Have a look at the functioning of the all new Moto 360 Smartwatch that is all set to be launched on the fourth of next month.

We do not know what Apple has got in store for the smartwatch family, but the company has hired Tag Heure’s executive for designing and developing its smartwatch as a leading choice in the category of smartwatches. However, with Moto 360’s sleek looks, it sure could emerge as a competition to Apple’s iWatch. Price value is another factor that could drive the sale of each of these watches. While Apple has not released even a hint of the value of its iWatch, Motorola’s smartwatch, in a pleasant accident of discloser has been revealed to cost $249.99 as the starting price. Samsung had released its Samsung Gear Live with the value of $199. 99 and LG’s G Watch came out with the price tag of $229. Motorola has set the ingot a little higher with $249.99.

Even with the outburst in the innovation of these new models of smartwatches, they are yet to receive the kind of success received by smartphones when it was released 20 years ago. While both the “smart” family of watches and phones are luxuries, but with the passage of time smartphones have now gradually evolved to be a luxurious necessity. When it comes to creating a stronghold among the consumers, only time will tell where the family of smartwatches could be headed.

Pallavi Sharma

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