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Top Five Photo Editing Apps For Smartphones

Gone are the days when we carried our digital cameras to a party, and it’s all thanks to our latest smartphones. But the best part  about clicking pictures is the fact is that we can play around with it. The Appstore in all the latest phones, be it Android, Apple or BlackBerry, gives you  wide range of photo editing apps to make clicking pictures even more fun.

Top Five Photo Editing Apps

So keeping in mind everybody’s obsession with clicking pictures and editing them, here is a list of top five photo editing apps that’s a must-download on your phones.

5. Snapseed



Developed by Nik Software, Snapseed is one of the ideal apps for editing your photos. Apart from the basic fixes like Crop, Tune Image, Tune Image, Straighten, etc, it offers you “Automatic” correction which saves you the trouble of tuning your picture on your own.


You can also edit your pictures with some great filters like Retrolux, Vintage and Black White before sharing them on social media.


Personally being the photo editing freak that I am I was left wanting for more, but nevertheless, I was highly impressed with the variety of frames that Snapseed has to offer.


While Snapseed doesn’t provide us with the feature of making a collage, it allows you to directly share your pictures on Google web albums and Google+. You can even download pictures from there.

So overall, it’s a decent app, good only when it comes to basic fixes, and can be downloaded for free from your Google PlayStore on Android devices and itunes store on Apple devices. And if you don’t want to use your phone memory by downloading this app, you can also edit pictures on Snapseed online.

4. Aviary Photo Editor: Meme Expert

Aviary Photo Editor is comparatively better than Snapseed. Apart from basic functions like rotating, cropping, auto-enhancing etc.,


it has a feature called the Meme Generator.


It also offers a range of photo filters:


The only drawback of this app is that you have to make some in-app purchases when it comes to frames and stickers, but apart from that the app is available for free for Android and Apple devices.


3. Cymera: Funny Pictures

While Cymera comes with the option of clicking pictures within the app, you can also edit pictures that already exist in your gallery.


It comes with seven different lenses and four shooting modes that you can use to enhance your photos.




Another interesting feature about this app is that it is perfect for people who love to click funny pictures. It allows you to make your pictures funny by adding different hairstyles to them.

Apart from basic filters, like vintage, black and white, charcoal, etc., it offers you pop art filters and thematic borders and frames.



This app is also available for free on Android and iOS, but the only drawback is that there are constant ads that keep displaying on your screen while editing.

2. Pixlr Express

Yes you have guessed it right, it’s the mobile version of the website Pixlr-O-Matic.


This app is best for people who want to edit pictures but don’t have the time to do so. It’s quick but not the best.


The problem with this app is that you need to individually download the frames, which takes up a lot of space on your phone.


Unlike the site, it doesn’t allow you to make a collage unlike the site. Also easily available in the Apple and Android App stores.

1. PicsArt: All Rounder

And finally in the first position is this app, which frankly is one of my personal favourites.


I refer to it as an all-rounder because this app comes with an image editor, in built camera app and last but not the least some interesting collage making tricks.



It’s available for free in your Android and Apple appstore.

So here is to all the Android and Apple uses Happy Clicking!

Do you use any of the above mentioned photo editing apps? If not then what are the other apps that you use? Write your opinions in the comment box below.

Shraddha Jandial

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