Smoke and Mirrors


Life, I say, is a perfect bitch
I mean, look what she does to you
She lets you think she’s under your thumb
All sweet and docile, if you please
And the next thing you know
You’re locked inside the tiger’s cage
Left to face her beloved pet’s rage
And when you’re on the brink of death
She grabs you by means of stealth
And just when you begin to draw breath
She tampers again with your health

She takes you trekking,
Up on those misty mountains
Higher and higher, until you’re lost
In the fog, in the smog
Your eyes don’ see nothin’
In the haze, you are fazed
Coz there’s no ground
Beneath your feet
No sky over your head
No air sweeping your hair
You can’t breathe…

Spark, flare, flicker, glare
Her eyes like glowing embers
Burn a hole in your soul
But then the darkness lifts
And hey, you’re back in your bed
Safe, sound, solid, but for how long…
How long before you’re trapped
Yet again in her kaleidoscope
How long before the next round
Of smoke and mirrors…

Nimmy Chacko