Social Media Advertising with Online Video Ads

Online advertising campaigns are able to target consumers at any point in the purchase funnel, with a level of interactivity that consumers demand today, but it’s something which no other channel can deliver. Advertising online can build new levels of brand engagement and advocacy, generate almost immediate word-of-mouth, and target audiences to an extent not available through other media.

Companies today are not only using their websites for promotion but also using a Graphic design Video as online video ads. Instructional video production services and explainer videos are used by companies to explain themselves better about their products and services. As online video advertising grows, so do the number of ad networks designed to distribute Online Video Ads.

Social media advertising is fast becoming the marketing discipline that leverages social media platform to meet advertising and branding objectives. With social media defined as an online tool that allows two or more people to collaborate, social media advertising can include activities such as email, instant messenger, individual social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It covers the ongoing influence of your brand across owned media and your own online properties such as a website or blog, earned media that is of how your brand is being talked elsewhere and paid media (paid advertising).

It’s a known fact that video embeds have become a norm among b2b media companies online venues as well. Online video advertising plus search engines equal an opportunity for small businesses to tell their brand story by integrating relevant content, testimonials, product demonstrations, promotions, and more.

This is an exciting time for everyone involved with online videos. Small businesses stand to be among the biggest beneficiaries of this emerging medium. Today, creating compelling videos is accessible to small businesses at a fraction of the cost of what big companies pay. But beyond affordable creation, small businesses crave the ability to measure and alter the creative in order to maximize their return. It has the ability to get more out of their online video without huge “change order” costs that makes it accessible
for small business.

Video is one format that can cut across culture, language, literacy and a lot of other issues to plague the distribution of digital content. The aspect, which is a barrier is bandwidth which slowly but surely has been
improving with the advent of 3G and wireless broadband coming into the picture. We can see videos being promoted on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. At present the use of email marketing videos is already on a rise.

Very soon, videos will be sent from clients to customers not only on email but would have the option to receive videos on their smart phones with instant access. Indeed, the potential of video advertising is tremendous and every corporate firm having a website should contact a Professional Video Production house to get their own video for better promotion and marketing.

Sonali Sharma