Social servicing

Why is everyone so selfish? Do we interpret the give and take relationship as one where we just take and not give? Aren’t we born for a reason? Don’t we need to serve humanity? If god has given us extra or more than others, we need to help the underprivileged using that extra. Are we all so busy making money that we have forgotten the values our ancestors gave us?

The condition of India today is pathetic. We keep on cribbing about the poor state of our country but are we really doing anything to improve its condition? We all have a certain responsibility. Illiteracy, poverty, neglect of women, vulnerability of children, old age problems are the issues that India has had to confront. We at times do sympathize with the poor, but how often do we actually do something for them? Merely sympathizing does not help. It is our duty to serve humanity; serve our country and become good. Social service is the need of the hour. India is one of the ten fastest growing economies and yet, one-third of the world’s poor reside in India. Illiteracy and poverty clouds India badly and we continue to not do anything about it. We can curb these problems by joining hands and working towards their alleviation. Many NGOs have been doing a great job and we as individuals should also take up the task of working towards the betterment of society. Literacy is very important and it is sad that we show such dismal results in this field. Instead of giving money as donations for building temples; instead of spending money on wasteful activities, we can actually save it and use it to improve our state. Also, can’t we take out 3 hours per week from our so-called “hectic schedule” and work in any NGO? Social service gives satisfaction and a certain degree of happiness. I believe satisfaction from working for others is always more than what we get from working for ourselves.

Social work should be made compulsory right at the school level. Awareness should be increased about the various kinds of work that people can take up, and even about the various agencies that work for this cause. ‘TEACH INDIA’ taken up by the TOI to help India shine is one of the initiatives that people are aware of. India is a country with a huge population. Our potential has not yet been completely discovered. People are deprived of opportunities and we must give them a platform. We all must learn from great personalities like Mother Teresa who spent her entire life serving the humanity. If everyone joins hands and works for the betterment of the society, many issues will get resolved and the society will become a better place to live in.

Aparna Vyas

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