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What do you do when you pray?
What do you do when you imagine?
What do you do when you introspect?
What do you do when you sing?
What do you do when you weep?

The term under discussion is Soliloquy – the art of talking to oneself.

Literally speaking, soliloquy is an audible oratory or a conversation with oneself. It is a term that is typically applied to the theatrical characters engaged in a monologue like in Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s “To Be Or Not To Be”, but can also be a term that is simply descriptive of any occurrence when one talks to oneself like in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, when Juliet is on the balcony and she says, “O Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” – Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo, where are you Romeo?

If I ask you “Who is you best friend?” I shall get to hear Tina, Neha, Pooja or Raj, Rahul, Amit. But who can be your best friend? It’s someone who knows you very well, someone in whom you can confide. Who better than yourselves? Believe it or not, you are your best friend. Because your mind, your heart knows every little thing that you do. You fight, you discuss, and you talk to yourself. What is this? – “SOLILOQUY”. You do it, I do it and everyone else does it. It’s ubiquitous. It’s in our imaginations, in our prayers, in our joys, in our sorrows, in our songs, in our introspections, in our retrospections. We’re all narcissists, we love ourselves, and we find solace in ourselves.

“If you want the world to listen to you, you have to listen to yourself first”

It’s like me talking to myself – reminiscing, sometimes scientific, sometimes hallucinated and sometimes pious. Unfortunately, someone has rightly said, “It is notorious that we speak no more than half-truths in our ordinary conversation, and even a soliloquy is likely to be affected by the apprehension that ears have walls.” Even the Supreme Court of India has stated that in extra-judicial confessions, a soliloquy can be the basis for a person’s conviction.

If you want to speak your mind out but there’s no one to listen to you – Practice Soliloquy.

If you want to bring out the best in you – Practice Soliloquy.

If you want to confess your sins – Practice Soliloquy.

If you want to improve – Practice Soliloquy.

Still not satisfied? Then hear this…

A young seeker went out in search of the Lord. He travelled the entire country, met thousands of people, and faced tremendous agonies. Many years passed by. He then reached the Himalayan valley. The atmosphere was inviting. He felt that this could be the abode of the Lord. He entered a beautiful cottage and found a board, “God resides here”. His joy knew no bounds as his search had come to an end. Just as he was about to knock the door of the cottage, an interesting soliloquy overpowered his mind. His mind said to him, “I have enjoyed my search all these years. The enjoyment derived from the search will come to an end the moment I meet the Lord.”

So he stopped, turned back and continued his journey.

So enjoy your search, your journey and derive satisfaction from that itself. Finally let’s get back to the questions and try to figure out an answer to them.

What do you do when you pray? -> Soliloquy
What do you do when you imagine? -> Soliloquy
What do you do when you introspect? -> Soliloquy
What do you do when you sing? -> Soliloquy
What do you do when you weep? -> Soliloquy

Ashish Chowdhary

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