Solitude – The Journey Within

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.
– Marcus Aurelius

A colleague recently took off on a solitary vacation to the hills. He says he really enjoyed being by himself. But what most people found intriguing was that he went all alone. “How can you go alone and still have fun?” was the question everybody asked him. That got me thinking. Why do most people equate solitude with loneliness? Although solitude means to be alone it does not necessarily mean to be lonely. Solitude is simply some quality time that we spend away from other people and the distractions in our life to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts. It gives us an opportunity to disconnect with the outside world and connect with our inner self. Solitude could be in the form of a holiday taken alone, a walk, or simply sitting quietly and spending a few minutes with oneself. The “Alone –Time” can be used for introspection, deep thinking or to simply enjoy a good book, music or nature. Solitude is scoffed upon by most people as something that is only for deep thinkers, spiritual people or old retired folks who have all the time in the world. But actually it’s those of us who lead such whirlwind and busy lives that need solitude the most.
A few minutes spent alone in the midst of a crazy day will do wonders in calming your mind and bringing clarity of thought. As master Oogway puts it so succinctly in Kung Fu Panda “Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear”. Solitude is a sure-fire way to remove stress and face the pressures of our daily life. It refreshes and rejuvenates us and restores our spirit. Whenever you are faced with a difficult situation or a problem you simply can’t find a solution to, try sitting alone and thinking quietly for a while. Solitude helps us to get a better perspective on things and harness our inner resources.

Solitude is best experienced when we are in a calm and peaceful place with no emails vying for our attention or the phone ringing off its hook. I usually go for my morning walks alone as mornings are when my mind is the most relaxed and peaceful. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to think and contemplate undisturbed. I also try to snatch a few peaceful moments at work. I find that it makes me more creative and productive. I honestly believe good creative work needs solitude; so does true appreciation of nature.

In today’s stressful world, solitude is essential to maintain our inner peace and tranquility. It is as essential for our soul as food is for our bodies.

Ruchira Shukla

A great nature lover, she wishes that she could live tucked away among the Himalayas, doing what she likes doing the best, wandering in the mountains and writing and reading to her heart’s content. But in her current mundane life, she works as a language expert and knows Japanese and Spanish besides a few Indian languages. An ardent language lover, she loves playing with words and writing is a passion. Besides writing and books, her interests include travelling, photography and social work. An avid blogger, she blog at

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