Some of the Busiest Streets in the World!


  • Schildergasse,Cologne,GermanyisEurope’s busiest shopping street! Over 17,000 people pass through the street every hour! This jaw dropping number of people even beats the number of people visiting theOxford StreetinEngland!
  • Great Britain,Oxford Streetis number two on this list. It attracts almost 200 million people in a year! Considering the staggering number of people who visit the street daily, the pavements are redesigned inspired by the Shibuya crossing inTokyoto provide the pedestrians with more walking space!
  • La Rambla,Barcelona,Spain attracts around14 million tourists annually! It is hard to even breathe when the street is in full flow!


  • Shibuya,Tokya,Japan, is undoubtedly the busiest street inAsia! It is also the busiest intersection in the World with 2.5 Million people in a day!
  • CausewayBay, Hong Kong in the busiest street inHong Kongand the second most expensive street in the World!

And finally the Times Square inNew York,North America, figures among the busiest of all! The numbers on this street are staggering! 1.6 Million People pass through theTimes Squaredaily. 246,000 people work inTimes Squaredirectly. 300,000 vehicles pass through it daily, 100 Million people pass the Times Square via the Subways daily and finally 26 Million tourists visit theTimes Squareannually!!!