Some of the World’s Largest…

  • Edmont, Albert Water Park in Canada is the World’s largestWaterPark! It amasses about 5 acres of land!
  • Chicago Merchandise Mart, inIllinois,USAis the Biggest Office Complex in the World!
  • South China Mall in Dongguan,China, is the biggest Shopping Mall in the World! It is spread across 892,000 meter-square and 6 floors
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridgein Australiais the widest bridge in the World! It capacitates 16 lanes of car traffic, 8 lanes on the upper floor and 8 on the lower!
  • The Donghai Bridgein China is the World’s longest bridge! It runs for almost 32.5 Kms!
  • The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest,Romaniais the largest Palace in the World! It has more than 500 bedrooms, 55 kitchens and 120 sitting rooms
  • The New Wembley Stadium inLondonwhich has a capacity to seat almost 90,000 spectators is the most expensive stadium in the World! Its cost was around $16 billion!
  • The MGM Grand Hotel inLas Vegasis the largest Hotel in the World! It has around 6276 rooms!
  • The Burj Al Arab Hotel inDubaiis the most expensive and the only 7 Star Hotel in the World! The cheapest room available in the hotel is $1000 per night and the Royal Suite is available at $28,000 per night!