Some of the Youngest Terrorists!

  • Abdullah, an 11 year old brown eyed boy has a countenance like that of any other child at his age! However his credentials are much more than a normal adult too! He is the youngest prisoner of Afghanistan, who has been charged for carrying explosives and being a potential suicide bomber! No wonder the schools in Afghanistan are running out of kids!
  • Omar Ahmed Kadr, a 25 year old, a Canadian child soldier is convicted of 5 charges under the United States Military Commissions Act of 2009! He was detained at the age of 15 by the American forces! He is serving the 8 years additional detainment!
  • Ajmal Kasab, the 24 year old Mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks in 2008 is not far behind at all in this category. Hailing from the Punjab province in Pakistan, Kasab has been detained by the Indian Court on Law on account of carrying explosives and waging a war with the otherwise peace loving citizens! He is still in detention awaiting the judgment!
  • Ashrat Ansari is the convict of the twin blasts in Mumbai in 2003! 32 years old and married, Ansari has been detained by the Indian Law Court under the sections of POTA on the account of carrying explosives and terrorist activities against the State!
  • Afzal Guru, the detained Pakistani terrorist for the attacks on the India Parliament in 2001, is a Doctor by profession and was pursuing his IAS, when he decided to attack the Parliament! A relatively young in the field of fugitives, he was caught in his first attempt!