“Give me some sunshine, give me some rain; Give me another chance; I wanna grow up once again”
These words swirl around in the night breeze like sounds of a wooden wind chime; suddenly the strings are torn and the beads scatter. The song amidst its engulfing tune and conquering lyrics does not fail to remind us of the last song of an engineering student who surrendered before the complex competitive educational system and the alarming rate of student suicides in India!
This song from the film, Three Idiots has disseminated like a forest fire, as the GenNext teen mantra. The quest for the exact death count in a year,  around the world has exceeded beyond thousands; yet the continuous attempts of reliving the bygone sunshine and once-swept rains fail miserably. The uncontrollable snapping of a thousand brain tissues leads youngsters to end their life sometimes, the causes being innumerable. Be it acquiring bad grades or the failure to meet assignment deadlines. Bearing up with the ‘pressure’ becomes an uphill task for some.
There comes moments in every mortal’s life when the finger goes on a desperate search for the rewind button, walk back the roads not taken, and correcting loopholes.

India still has not developed its educational system and the medals depend on a student’s forced capacity and not their talent. Dreams die in oblivion’s curse, and a mechanic self is born.
“My son was hell bent on taking Commerce in class 11, but I forced him to take Science as me and my wife both are doctors,” says Mr. Devendra Pal proudly. But he doesn’t understand what harm he is doing to his son’s career. In another case, frustrated Puneet Agarwal, a semester IV engineering student of Heritage College confesses that he had dreamt to be a wildlife photographer.
Man has stood on the moon, but yet hasn’t been able to find a new sky for that ‘some sunshine, some rain’. No one knows the count of how many more young corpses would go under tracks or hang from the noose to make the forceful parents and the educational system realise and act.

Aryani Banerjee

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