One day, my love, we will go

Hand in hand, away

With dreams in our eyes

And hope by our side

We’ll go wherever we may.


One day, my love, we’ll tread softly

On a vast expanse of snow

When I’ll fall down

And you’ll turn around

To lift me from the low.


One day, my love, we will walk

Towards the orange, setting sun

They’ll hold the camera so high

There’ll be black silhouettes against the sky

We’ll leave it all and run.


One day, my love, we’ll see it all

We’ll see whatever there is to see

We’ll see that Colosseum in Rome

You know, the one you always talk about

And in Spain, we’ll meet those people, love

The ones you like to call “them ‘ippies”

We’ll stand in the streets of Holland

And smoke marijuana and then

You can cross your arms and yell like you do

“Do you think that impresses me, hun?”

We’ll see those ancient cities too,

In which lived once, people like us

We’ll go together love, we’ll go

We’ll see whatever there may be.


One day, my love, we will set sail

On an enormous, brown ship

With the ocean endless, beneath us

The scent of saltwater in our nose

And the great, blue sky watching over

We will find new land, together, love

We shall make history.


One day, my love, we’ll get a house

A little, white house it’ll be

With sweet-smelling grass, a small, clean porch

And your beloved, picket-fence love

In it, we’ll live, you and me.


That day, my love, seems far, far away

As we sit out here in the dark

Our dreams look big in a little place like this

That day is taking forever…


But my greatest comfort is this, love

That even in that forever, we are together.

Srishti Chaudhary

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