Someone’s Sorrow Is Someone’s Business

PornBazaar4There are people all over the world, constantly rebuking, ridiculing and refuting the idea of rape, which is, forced (without consent) sexual intercourse. Many like me, would get immediately disturbed, and must be drifted by the wave of helplessness when such incidents occur. We try to aware people over such calamity, either by voicing it out, or writing about it on social media. These acts are inhuman and shows the ugly side of human we have evolved to become.

While many might go to the streets and protest against such calamity, there are several sadist and inhuman people who take pleasure out of these heinous crimes. Apparently, what is crime for us, is a jerking-off act for some.

Shockingly, a perverse business has been noted in the north of the country, Uttar Pradesh, which involves of recording, distributing and selling rape videos filmed on mobile phones by the rapist. Too much for commercializing everything, right?

There are people, who are basking or maybe just pleasing themselves, with rape-porn. All this is nothing but a sick joke. As per a report by The Times of India, hundreds, perhaps thousands of recordings of violent sexual atrocities are bought and sold daily, despite the fact that sexual pornography is outlawed.

Apparently, porn is passé, real-life rage is the new flavor to be devoured upon.

With every empowered post one publishes or prints, there are thousands who are just ignoring it and witnessing the crimes, and dragging the entire human race back into an abyss, we are trying so hard to come out of. Shocking part is, instead of getting angry and repulsed over the occurrence of it, they are just enjoying. Instead of reporting these incidents to the police, they are possessing the CDs and having a gala time. After this, I am sure, the conscious and morality of a citizen or a human being, is collapsing at large, and sadly, even the authorities can do nothing about it.

One can track the blooming business with difficulty, but what can be done about the thinking that is rotting and amazingly destabilized and immoral and entirely wrong in its essence? Is there any way out? Can we ignite the deteriorating thinking of a person, who is making a trade out of it, or the people who are purchasing it?

Rape is not a calamity anymore, it is a business, a business indulged by many, and enjoyed by even more. Can women ever claim to be more than a sexual object? Here, we are constantly fighting to give them the same opportunities and pay and rights, but how do we cope with the commodification of them?

An act that destroys the self and shatters the dignity of a person, is being used to earn money; alas, people are riding high on others problems. We have just reached the sorry state of humanity, and I am detesting every moment of it. I am repulsing the fact that I breathe the same air as these people do.

These are the people of 21st century, and to be honest, I am not proud of it. I have never felt more sorry for my existence; sorry to be of the same species as these predators, thus sorry to be a person. I have always reveled with the fact that I can walk and talk, now here I am, wishing that I shouldn’t even be able to think. Because, if thinking of a human can make us stoop so low as these inhumane people, I don’t wish to be human anymore.

What can be done to avoid such things? Are we still going to put such people in and out of jail, enabling their bail to be as easy as buying lays?

It is high time that we take an action, an action that is so strengthening in its essence so that it shakes these predators off their motive. Let us not be ashamed of being a human, like I am now.

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources

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