Something Very Essential is Missing

World is moving at rapid rate and there is no room for halts, everything is moving at speed of light, people are trying to get best jobs, best education, best relationships, best of everything they can get out of this fast moving world but in between all of this aren’t we forgetting one essential element that actually shapes our destiny, it is what defines our everyday choices, thoughts and actions. People are trying to succeed in every possible way they can by compromising that essential element.

Yes, I am talking about character, which is the primary factor in man’s success and also lack of which causes failure in long run. Why it is that humans are craving for everything permanent in this temporary life? And why it is that they do not understand that background of character is the discipline of desire? People had forgotten about the basic essence of success and peaceful life, they had forgotten about actual traits which shape the destiny regardless of how skilful you are.

The word humanity is now vanishing from lives of people and they are also forgetting that we all will be answerable to God one day for all deeds. Kindness and tenderness are perceived as weak points by people but actually they are the resolution of strengths, I think time has come to look back again at the basics and fix that essential element.

Shreya Srivastava