Kasab’s Premature Death

Pune. It’s been more than a week since the release of Son of Sardar, and the nation has already witnessed more than a hundred causalities, Ajmal Kasab being the latest. As per the reports coming in from Yerawada Jail, Kasab died while watching Son of Sardar on the evening of 21 November.

His last post on Facebook was, “Going to watch SOS, very excited!”

Kasab, who had a Twitter following of over 100,000 people, was ignorant about the movie’s reviews and reactions. Keeping good faith in Ajay Devgn, the husband of his favourite actress, Kajol, he went on to watch the movie.

“We rented a special projector for Kasab’s wish to watch Son of Sardar”, said the chief superintendent of Yerawada jail.

“Butterscotch pop-corn, deep fried momos (Kasab’s favorite dish), McAloo Tikki (Kasab’s second favourite dish) and diet coke were also arranged to celebrate the evening”, he added.

As per the jailer who accompanied Kasab for the special screening, his last words were, “Allah kasam, fir kabhi aisi movie nai dekhunga!” (I swear on Allah, I’ll never watch such a movie again!)

Distressed over his premature death, Kasab’s Facebook friends organized a rally at Taj Mahal Palace, Nariman Point and Oberoi Hotel, demanding to take down Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardar.

The government on the other hand, facing stern pressure from external agencies (ISI), decided to put up a “Statutory Warning” on the movie’s posters: “Watching this movie is injurious to health”.

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Arjun Tuli

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