Sony Announces The PS4


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Sony seems to have gained the upper hand in their war with Microsoft (Xbox360) by recently launching the new PlayStation 4 and it’s done so with great vengeance.

Sony unveiled the PS4 in New York claiming that it is the “most powerful platform ever” and will allow “worlds to come alive with greater fidelity and intensity than ever before”. Sounds like a real game changer, doesn’t it?

Feature wise, it sports an eight-core AMD CPU, an “enhanced” AMD GPU and 8GB of GDDR RAM with unspecified HD space. An SSD would have been nice, but they’re expensive so it was a smart move to stick with the hard drives. Anyways, that can be easily changed later.

Graphics on the PS4 are sensational and beyond incredible. The trailer for Killzone: Shadowfall was unbelievable, with superb lighting, realistic explosions and ultra-detailed characters. Capcom’s trailer for Deep Down, a Hobbit-meets-Monster Hunter style cave adventure, offered mind-blowing faces and the most impressive looking dragons you’ve EVER seen in a video game. Watch these trailers and you’ll see what I mean.

Coming to the PS4 controller, it’s got some upgrades – a touch panel, a PlayStation Move-type light sensor to go with a new and improved Move camera and other features such as a Share button and headphone jack. The Share button will allow players to record gameplay or screenshots and share them instantly. Looks-wise, it is a bit disappointing with the analog (direction) sticks looking like they’re copied from an Xbox controller.

One thing that hasn’t been addressed very well is the use of the touchscreen pad on the controller. It hasn’t really been described in any game trailers or by Sony representatives, so the question still remains over its use.

The new feature that’s on Sony’s agenda is sharing. Not surprising that in a social-media rich world, they’d want to tap into it by giving PlayStation users a similar experience. The online PlayStation Network will now offer a Pinterest-style friends feed. Or a Facebook-style feed. The menus will also be customised according to your likes, not just random game ads. Now that’s a very hefty feature.

The new console will also aim to cut the lag time between the PS4 starting and the game beginning; that means no more minute-long “now loading” signs. The gamers will also be able to use web browsers and download new games while playing PS4 games at the same time. The developers also claim to address many other issues that its predecessor had.

Another big step has been taken in online gaming. Now, gamers will be able to test games before buying them, by playing them online, via live streaming. That’s right- there is no need to download the game to play it. Sounds cool, right?

We don’t know what it looks like but game developers have already started announcing exclusive games for the PS4.  Here is the list

Sucker Punch’s “Infamous: Second Son”, “The Witness”, Evolution Studios’ “Drive Club”, Capcom’s “Deep Down”, “Diablo 3”, Ubisoft’s Hacking-based game “Watch Dogs ” and Sony’s very own popular franchise “Killzone: Shadowfall”.

As of now there is no confirmation of what the PS4 actually looks like, how much it costs and when it’ll be released. But the rumours suggest that its going to be sometime between November and December this year. In fact I would like to warn you all, that when it does release, it’ll be costly, but will have jaw-dropping graphics and will start a new gaming revolution.

Akhil Thakur

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