Sony Leak Scandal: A Serious Breach To Privacy.


“The compensation for it, monetary compensation we want,” it continues. “Pay the damage, or Sony Pictures will be bombarded as a whole. You know us very well. We never wait long. You’d better behave wisely,” read the mail sent by God’sApstls, the cybercriminals who broke into the organization’s internal information to Sony Pictures, three days prior to the intrusion.

Hacking into their computer systems, jarringly adroit cyber geniuses have made the hypersensitive information of Sony Pictures, public. Rendering the reputed entertainment corporation’s operations immobile, and playing hide and seek with a series of highly private reports, these hackers have dumbfounded the authorities with their scandalous expertise. Approximately two weeks back Sony had to face the rain-down of a serious blow to its privacy as the hackers not only invaded the emails exchanged by the employees and colossal Hollywood figures but also exposed the salary structure of the top-notched employees. These iniquitous cyber punks, however, have no intention of delivering respite to the organization until the Sony officials meet their demand of monetary compensation. Though investigations pertaining to the identification of these deplorable characters are carried forward by multiple authorities, yet the incident has flared far beyond the control of Sony Pictures.

Christmas is certainly early for the people who are fond of basking in the glory of piracy. Due to the hacks, there has been various news of interesting but private information regarding Sony Pictures trickling down throughout the virtual world. Numerous illegal file-sharing sites have found treasure due to the leaks of Sony’s projects such as its forthcoming movies as well as copyrighted screeners. The dissemination of awards-season screening of Fury, Still Alice, Annie, Mr. Turner along with a part of To Write Love on Her Arms which is a film set to release in 2015, have taken the cyber world with storm. The hackers not only brought forth these upcoming projects of the entertainment company but also released the salary drawn by some of the valuable employees too. According to the documents, out of the seven-figure U.S. earners, most of the seventeen employees are White men, while only one of them is a woman. As an intermediate coordinating producer Princess Beatrice of York draws an income of 30,300 dollars. God’sApstles has also circulated the budget of the movie called The Interview.  According to the reports, the movie has consumed almost 44 million dollars with Seth Rogen earning more than 8.4 million dollars and James Franco receiving 6.5 million dollars. Apart from this, the invaders have also gotten their hands into the personal files of almost 6,000 other employees of the organization.

Personal exchange of mails of Amy Pascal, the studio co-chair, with awfully private content has not been missed by the hackers. The passing down of highly confidential messages pertaining to the future projects of the association, exchange of insults and nasty bashing of iconic figures of the entertainment industry has breached every code of privacy possible. Cyber attack of such a robust scale has, now, conjured up various safety concerns among the internet frequenters.

How safe is the ambit of this virtual world? Each day, nearly every one of us shares our personal information on the net through trusted agencies. Well, a cyber attack such as this is not exactly a bolt from the blue. These invasions have happened in the past and will continue to pervade our personal lives in the virtual realm unless we put a stop to it. Though the technology is accelerating its pace in leaps and bounds, how much attention is being paid to maintain cyber security is the question of the hour.

Sangeeta Purkayastha

Image Source: [Google]