Sound and Silence

Here comes the rain, a welcomed respite from the monotonous and humid weather. The way weather plays with our emotions never ceases to amaze me. Few minutes ago, I was in a complaining mode and was eating into a friend’s head. Later, I stepped out to experience the tiny droplets in my hands. I feel short of words to express that joy. All my mental blabbering flew away with the monsoon breeze and I am smiling again. The sound and silence of the rain make me ponder. Why not take advantage of the moment! I logged into blogger and got the words flowing. The sound of breeze whistling past the leaves and the sound of collective droplets were creating an enchanting rhythm. Now, you must be wondering where silence comes into the picture. I am talking about silence within. Whenever it rains, an unusual silent aura pervades my mind. It goes blank. A serene sensation fills me up and I delve into the glory of silent pleasure.
Sound and silence are poles apart and yet they merge smoothly. Sound could be silent and yet silence has a sound. I know, that’s a poor attempt at philosophy. The other day I had this random thought What if we human beings weren’t blessed with the gift of speech, what if we barked, howled or hooted just like other animals? I am sure this world would be a better place. In these summer vacations, I have had the pleasure to witness a number of large gatherings – say 7-8 people or more. I observed the pattern of their verbal communication. It is dependent on the age factor and the level of intimacy between the participants. Very often, the words being spoken were laced with sarcasm and jealousy, a desire to brag over and over and a touch of apathy.
Conversations of this kind are definitely high on entertainment quotient. If you look at it, just as an observer without any opinions and prejudices you will realize the futility in it. Hey I don’t intend to sound like a wise old lady or a philosopher neither do I mean to offend any one. I too indulge in such pointless and enjoyable chitchats and very often I say something which I lament later. I have seen that many people leave no opportunity to pass mocking comments though they don’t mean to upset the other party. I can’t reason why this happens but it ensues over and over again. A way could be to just listen without any judgments, opinions and reactions. But I reckon that it is not always possible. Being diplomatic and tactful is an art that requires expertise.
Therefore, I, conceived of an evolved and mute human species. Of course, everything has its pros and cons. I believe in this case the pros outweigh the cons. I suppose we don’t need words to express our love and emotions. We can easily convey what we want through other means – sign language, writing mode and may be some other advanced methods. The advantage of these is – We won’t indulge in blathers. I recall reading a study which said that non verbal communication is much more powerful than the verbal mode. Our eyes, posture and hands are powerful tools that express more than we can imagine.
What do you think? Is the evolution of Homo sapiens into mute ones a way to a better realm?
Monica Bhatia