The credit for one of the most important discoveries when it comes to space research and missions especially concerning the moon has to be handed over to India and its dedicated team of space research enthusiasts at ISRO.

We are all curious to know what is beyond our beautiful planet, what exactly is  space all about, what makes it the way it is, everything about the outer space has us grappling with curiosity and questions. The one thing that has most definitely managed to grab our attention and hold it has been the moon. We know a lot about it and we still want to know more. Our interest in the moon has been growing everyday from the time we put man up there. And from then on we have found out a lot. The latest being Chandrayaan, a joint venture between ISRO and NASA, the brains being India.   Chandrayaan successfully managed to find traces and deposits of water on the moon, putting to rest all the speculation. We are obviously not talking about huge deposits of water but molecules that are proof enough that there was water there at some point of time. But what does this great discovery mean to the moon mission, space research all over and especially for India.  This bit of exploration by Chandrayaan has provided with enough resources for other manned missions, with even talks of establishing a base there like the ISS.  The hydrogen and oxygen particles found could also be used for furthering the space research to other planets, even space beyond.

The entire Chandrayaan initiative supposedly cost over Rs 386 crores and the findings that there is actually water over the surface of the moon have been a good breakthrough, thus this is expected to bring in more funds for both NASA and ISRO to further their space missions.  But was it really worth it for India?

It was a discovery every Indian should most certainly be proud of, but does it really affect any individual at the grass root level? Most people might say, we as a nation have other more serious problems to resolve. And they are right, we cannot dispute that. However advancement and development in science and technology is imperative for every nation and that India has gone a step ahead to prove that is a thing to be proud of.

Chandrayaan’s discovery was no mean feat even if it stopped sending signals in between. Instead of pointing fingers, we should be proud of the fact that we have found a permanent spot on the world map for space research, that we have extremely gifted people in this country who are taking it forward towards a great future. We have paved a way for the moon mission, making an amazing discovery no one else could and we should enjoy the attention and strive for more.  Now seems to be a very good time to see how Mars is doing.

Aparna G