Space Science Technology

The year was 1969 and the world order was at stake, the NASA did the unthinkable. That moment could be put down as the era is i.e. before that moment and after that moment in the world of space science and technology popularity.

The concept of satellites and the broader concept of universe exploration has been there for decades but the real purpose or rather the real value, the need for it can be realized in the present scenario like non before. The present age boosts many countries that have their own satellites for different kind of purposes. It is also not just about building satellites but building them in order to use their facilities in day to day life. The scenario of today is such that if this technology suddenly disappears, the world would be a confused place to live in.

The developments in the fields of communication over long distances have had a huge impact on the way the world is today. Had it not been for the works of many great scientists, the world would have been a far fetched word with no clue of how to move forward in the information age. The world today stands at the brink of those technological advances that would really shape its future for centuries to come. This juncture is so important that strides in the right direction needs to be taken in order to continue the good work.

Space science technology is in a way a communication oriented technology but there are several other aspects that make this communication worth. One of them is the remote sensing technology. This technology is basically used for taking photographs from the satellites of the Earth in different environments and for different purposes. This technology has provided a breakthrough in terrain mapping and various other fields. Another well known technological use is for navigation. This technology has made world a familiar place. This helps ships, planes and even us to find routes leading towards a desired direction. This technology has ensured that humans would never get lost on their own planet Earth. A technology that solves the purpose of communication even in remote areas of our planet is satellite phone. This enables a person to communicate through a satellite and hence it can be made use of in any part of the planet.

Space science technology also includes the Earth stations. The station constructed on land that communicates with satellites and outer space vehicles that we send. These stations also include the telescopes, lasers and other peripherals according to the usage required. The ranging by the satellite can only be done by the stations. The communication between the stations and the satellites comprise of very high frequency communication.

Another aspect of space science technology has been the search into outer space. The search is for other celestial objects; its study is done so that the information can be used for the betterment of the Earth, the impacts that other bodies have on Earth or will have in future. This information is very vital for the future of Earth and hence the search for other Earth like planets is on. The science is so much advanced that it is even searching for extra-terrestrial life. This search might be very useful on the biological front more than anything.

The foundations of space science was led by many great people, Newton’s simple laws, Galileo’s sight that created the first telescope and even the theories of Einstein have had a great impact. The modern world has seen the work of Stephen Hawking who made a break though in combining the theory of relativity and the quantum science to formulate the theory of everything.

Had it not been for so many things that happened and were made to happen in space science technology, the world would not have been a better place to live.

Saurabh Kumar