Sparkling cyanide

Its pitch black
I can’t see a thing
I’ve tried turning back,
But fragile memories from the past,
Pierce my eyes
Like shards of glass.

There is nowhere to hide,
No road to follow.
Except the sparkling cyanide,
Glistening like the first snow.
It is calling me,
Intoxicating me
With visions of paradise.

Freedom form my farcical existence,
An escape from this shell I’ve been tripping in.
Maybe realization awaits me,
On the other side of eternity…
Where the reality of death begins
And the illusion of life ends
I shall find the missing pieces of the puzzle
I’ve been searching for so long
Somewhere in the purple clouds,
Floating high above
The void shall be gone
And I will be whole again.

So I swallow without hesitation
My vision jading for a moment…
I see the ghosts of my past,
The monsters of my present, all dissolve.
I see more clearly than ever before
The hurt and the pain have all melted away,
Only a sense of tranquility remains

I unfold my wings,
And embrace the shimmering light.
Eager to take, my final flight.
Now I can breathe,
Now I can see,
Now I can speak,
Things I have been waiting to see..
Words I have been dying to speak.

Melting away into the silence,
Of a pale crimson sky.
There are no tears,
There are no goodbyes.
Just the realization,
That there’s nowhere I’d rather be
Except this place
And a smile slowly, shyly flickers across my face.

Ananya Mitra