Spiritually Yours

Every existent particle of the world seems to be competing with every other and finding new ways to out pace the adversary. Competition is high on everyone’s mind; man is adapting newer ideas in order to ensure victory. The present generation is resorting to techniques which were supposed to be alien some time ago, but today – these are the extremely popular among the youth. The concept of spiritualism rather than materialism is gaining ground these days.

“Materialism” is the notion about the satisfaction of physical needs whereas “Spirituality” is related to the intellect and the self. One thing which has left most of us nonplussed is the inclination of the youth towards spirituality. The question which is baffling a lot of people is that why the youth have become so passionate about spirituality and not materialism? The obvious reason is survival in this fiendishly difficult world – to have an edge over others and become effective in their respective fields. The burden of not performing or under performing has pulled the youth into this practice.

Spiritualism takes you deeper into your soul and makes one realize the importance of everything. It is a connection between the mind and the body. It liberates the body from all physical pain and elevates the soul. Some say that it is the conglomeration of different parts of the body; every part has its own importance and is required to give its share. The competition in the world is driving people insane and that is why so many people are attaching themselves to spiritualism. There are many organizations which are helping people in their quest to become more spiritual and less materialistic. One of these is the “Art of Living Foundation”.

Scientology (another popular outlet for spirituality) describes itself as “the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others and all of life,” and it supposedly “encompasses all aspects of life from the point of view of the spirit” — including “auditing” and training in morals, ethics, detoxification, education and management. There are numerous beliefs that man is an immortal spiritual being that entails a mind and a body.

Disco Yoga is also an extremely popular spiritual release for the youth. It is a transformed version of yoga where one doesn’t have to get bored while doing the yoga asanas. Sometimes the slow exercises done in yoga make it boring and people get disinterested and disinclined towards it, but disco yoga makes it all very interesting.

Therefore, the reason behind the youth’s interest in spirituality appears to be a quest for improved efficiency and mental stability. There is one more reason why spirituality is so popular. It is the fact that spirituality is fast becoming a “Status Symbol”. Many youth believe that being attached to such things would add another level to their status.

Whatever may be the reason for the increasing interest in the realm of the spirit, one thing which nobody can deny is that the world is becoming more sacred and that is definitely a good omen for the future.


[Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/myyogaonline/457339126/]