Sport – ‘ Beauty lies within ‘

Beauty is skin deep ( read also as center ) . At least the Wimbledon tournament officials will surely concur with this age-old adage. Center court has always been in the thick of things since the time it was built in 1922. Be it the controversy surrounding the retractable roof or the current one involving the Wimbledon play committee. When the match involving 28th seed Sorana Cirstea of Romania was in progress at the center court , in addition to the drool being generated , controversy was also developing its fangs. The center court was teeming with men in spite of the low quality tennis being played. Also , it was no mere coincidence for all the low seeded , good looking divas of tennis to entertain the center court audience . The connect never could have been more blatant.


The Wimbledon officials were labeled ‘ sexist ‘ for favoring good looking women over their higher ranked , not so good looking counterparts .It is sure to defy logic when second seeded Serena was sweating it out on the fringe court whilst bottom ranked Sorana was manoeuvring the ball at the center. For most of the games , tournament favorites , Williams sisters had to fight it out on the Center court’s neglected cousin( read : Court no 1 and 2 ) . The so called ‘ battle of babes ‘, the clash between 24 seed Maria Sharapova and unseeded Gisela Dulko at the Center court only added fuel to the controversy. Serena Williams who mostly played at the Center court was demoted to other fringe courts this Wimbledon. Moreover, she lost her way on to Court no 2 and ended up being ten minutes late for her match. In this regard many top seeded players like Kuznetsova have also expressed their concern.


Along with ‘ strawberries ‘ and ‘ cream , ‘ skimpy outfits ‘ was a tradition followed at the center court. As the temperatures rose at the center court , the television ratings also reached new heights. As spokesman, Johnny Perkins states , “if a player is deemed to be popular, for whatever reason, they are more likely to be on one of the bigger courts.” In addition , BBC also stated that a Brit or a Babe always delivers high viewer ratings.


Seducing a man with a bit of sleaze has not gone down well with fans across the globe . Besides , people are finding it outrageous for the oldest tournament in the history for stooping to such levels . As the fans point out , it is the quality of tennis not the length of the skirt which matters . Short gravity defying skirt has always been the companion for the low seeded , good looking women . Not to forget raw oomph and jaw dropping sexuality is a real head turner . This is a world where Anna kournikova is still fresh in the minds of people not for her tennis exploits but for her sex-appeal.


Tennis fans were quick to blame the Wimbledon play committee but it has always been the glam in this man-made world . Wimbledon is a championship for the ‘ player ‘ and a source of ‘entertainment’ for the rest . One has to lure the audience both on and off the court ( read : Television ) . Besides in any entertainment industry , evolving is a continuous process . Audience today believe in complete entertainment . It applies to Wimbledon too . There is no fault on the part of the organizers resorting to sexism as they need to bring in the swarm . After all , it is the audience which is a must for a successful Championship.


Vijay Amalakara

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