Sri Ramachandra medical college

Sri Ramachandra medical college Chennai, a part of Sri Ramachandra University is a deemed university recognized under the Section 3 of the UGC act in 1956. The medical division of Sri Ramachandra University, i.e. Sri Ramachandra medical college was established to deal with the current health scenario in the country and at the same time gives their students the highest level of education keeping in mind the ethics which are to be followed while handling their patients. The continuous research work that takes place in Sri Ramachandra medical college ensures that every day there is a new breakthrough in the medical world.

Sri Ramachandra medical college is a Harvard Medical international associated institution. This ensures that there is continuous interaction between the Indian and the Harvard medical association and at the same time gives the students at the Sri Ramachandra medical college to get involved in continuous research work and also know how the study system works in Harvard. Due to this association, students from both the colleges take part in a lot of cross-studies where students from Sri Ramachandra medical college are sent to Harvard and vice versa. Sri Ramachandra medical college has set up an Education and Health Trust which is basically a non profit organization establishes in 1985 works towards eliminating diseases and other health related issues across the country. The head of the trust, Shri NPV Ramaswamy Udhayar has done a marvelous job in helping the students and the Medical Association in reducing the various health related issues which seem to be increasing day by day. Sri Ramachandra medical college deemed university, which basically is an autonomous body and strives towards creating the best doctors in the country has a 1050 bedded teaching hospital establishment which was commissioned in 1988. This hospital is a non profit hospital which along with treating patients at a very minimal rate also gives the students an opportunity to get more active practically.