Srikkanth the Commentator

What is the best way to sabotage an experiment (the appointment of paid selectors for the first time in Indian cricket)?By getting the worst possible guinea pig (Krish Srikkanth) to use for the experiment.

Anybody who disagrees with this will be locked in a room and forced to listen to 24 hours of non-stop cricket commentary from Srikkanth… .And if he/she still disagrees, they will have to debate against ‘Cheeka’ on a cricket topic till the chief selector gives up. And if they can manage to get through that then they also deserve to be a selector.

If only we hadn’t cribbed about this.

I really hate the TV channels and the Chennai Super Kings now.

Had the TV channels continued to employ Srikkanth we wouldn’t have come to this. How unpatriotic of them to place TRPs over national interest.

The Super Kings also let go of their brand ambassador rather easily. Didn’t they have any contract in place?

On a serious note, if the BCCI was so keen to have paid selectors, then why not continue with the man (Dilip Vengsarkar) who demanded it in the first place and had a very successful time as the chief selector? Guess that would have made the experiment a success.

And who are they kidding when they think paid selectors will not continue to tacitly collude with one another to push the case of players from their zone? If they really wanted to change the system they should have done away with the zonal system altogether. Why not have a three member committee like they do in Australia – just select the best guys for the job without bothering about zonal quotas.

In the end, let me wager a bet –

How soon will it be before Srikkanth makes a reference to the 1989 tour of Pakistan under his captaincy (where Sachin made his debut), when quizzed about the future of Tendulkar in the Indian middle order.

I say three months. What say you?

Avnish Anand

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