StallionCutting and slashing the winds like a warrior

With its magnificent flowing mane,

Black as the darkest corner of night

The stallion ignites a spark as time dims the light.

Exotic is the sight of its strength

A sinewy armor presiding in its length,

Standing tall in all wilderness

An aura of pride and dare,the eyes caress.

The master within you wants to pet the fury

To tame the wild and ebb the rage,

To own the power of the stallion

Even if it comes at the cost of a million.

Thus what becomes of the adorable mane

A loyal guard; a piece of armed frame,

The subdued eyes long for wild

Taming the rage was like killing the child.

Return a favour to the many you took

Just give thy royale friend one genuine look,

Let his fury be his charm

It never meant you any harm.

Unleash the succumbed power you behold

Act with compassion and not with a heart so cold,

Witness the beauty of wild again

Let the stallion stomp the mud and hold the rein.

Meghna Baweja